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    Pure nostalgia with this track. The lyrics and background vocals are amazing.
  • Avatar for scarlthuntrs
    i don/t know what tomorrow brings
  • Avatar for Rubvo
  • Avatar for nkafke
    Yes, Conor's lyrics are great, but it's his melodies and arrangements that make these songs incredible.
  • Avatar for a-Me-with-a-You
    We have a problem with no solution but to love and be loved <3
  • Avatar for ColorfulPage
    One of my favorites.
  • Avatar for thatssorawr
    one of my favorites of his.
  • Avatar for jakobdorof
    fucking great.
  • Avatar for awholelottabang
    @c00lcatz1982 Well, you use to have good taste...what happened?
  • Avatar for lovelibertines
    thank mohammed/jesus/aqua buddha/etc for conor oberst. amazing lyricists are too rare a thing these days. 2 haha
  • Avatar for nicklegend
    dave rawlings cover of 'method acting' is sooooooooo good!
  • Avatar for LambentWinter
    Shitty TV SCREEN
  • Avatar for magicflosskitty
  • Avatar for realcuts
    this method acting i call it living
  • Avatar for danceswithdead
    Rockng the hell out
  • Avatar for magicflosskitty
  • Avatar for LieItsTheTruth
    such a fantastic lyricist.....
  • Avatar for kellywtoutsound
    Conor is an amazing lyricist.
  • Avatar for Sebastian_17
    Flashback! to 17 years old!
  • Avatar for aqueouus
    and it goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on...
  • Avatar for aqueouus
    conor makes me jizz in my pants.
  • Avatar for indierockon
    This is one of my favorite conor songs ever.
  • Avatar for c00lcatz1982
    bleghh i don't understand how i used to listen to this
  • Avatar for the_robbie
    just tell us what to feel <3
  • Avatar for Yadoso
    Among his best for sure. I'd say best on Lifted.. if not for the final track.
  • Avatar for johnmaurer
    :0) good good good to the verry last drop I drink it all he keeps giving it suck it down again and agian so good so good
  • Avatar for Ristaccia
    Conor at his finest
  • Avatar for UnicornFlower
    love, love, love.
  • Avatar for justamess
    I've always loved Bright Eyes.
  • Avatar for bananablood
  • Avatar for hermannism
    When Conor's on, he is sooooo on. This is sooooo on, sooooo I listen to it over and over.
  • Avatar for kathbizarre
    I think I want this to be played in my funeral. " Thank you friends for the time we shared, my love stays with you like sunlight and air~ " Love it (: <3
  • Avatar for delitax
    when it comes down to it this is one of his best songs, great guitar, great lyrics, great horns and bass. really underrated.
  • Avatar for badoom_bum
    and ON
  • Avatar for mister_electric
    [sarcasm]Yeah, Bright Eyes sucks. Terribly written, shallow lyrics and horrible musical arrangements. Definitely awful[/sarcasm]
  • Avatar for Aero19
    First full song I learned to play on the guitar.
  • Avatar for Mooselini
  • Avatar for gymicrae
    fuck bright eyes.
  • Avatar for masterdutch
    great version on motion sickness
  • Avatar for hohesm
    One of the Bright Eyes songs that isnt recognised as much as it should be. word.
  • Avatar for kiiimiko
    Sounds like all his others but I'm in love with it
  • Avatar for sambobgeldof
    One of the Bright Eyes songs that isnt recognised as much as it should be.
  • Avatar for brghteyedbonnie
    This is an amazing song. Conor Oberst is a lyrical god.
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