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  • Avatar for leoislostatsea
    Tugs at my senses, big as the Macy's parade.
  • Avatar for rOOm-on-fire
    ça me rappelle Think Tank. Vraiment bien.
  • Avatar for lastfmisgay
    Ironic but it's my favorite Feel good song. :)
  • Avatar for ColorfulPage
    I love it. Perfect song. Really.
  • Avatar for nadryv
    I HATE the arabic part! Damn it, how can a voice be so annoying?!?
  • Avatar for Antiquarium
    I LOVE the Arabic part. It makes the song for.
  • Avatar for cosmicplumm
  • Avatar for Sicaris
    Its summertime. Not that I am hellbent on emulating the stars here or anything, but I could go for sleeping with a dealer for the rest of the summer. I bet it would feel like the songs sounds. Well the song kinda feels for me too...thats what I was getting at.
  • Avatar for PseudoHaptic
    Holy shit!
  • Avatar for guthriepc
    guest vocals kinda sound like Antony and the Johnsons
  • Avatar for Mandyledandy
    on a gravity halo, eternity's wedding band
  • Avatar for esmelita
  • Avatar for indierockon
    so good, it is.
  • Avatar for yasmineabdullah
    It's actually arabic. It says "Happiness is accomplished by freedom."
  • Avatar for fadeout32
    its a better folk implosion
  • Avatar for Antiquarium
    i slept with that dealer all summer, the ecstasy's still in my spine
  • Avatar for FullofBooks
  • Avatar for zilviamuuuusic
    maybe my favourite off cassadaga. love the bass in the end.
  • Avatar for brijounet
    pas mal
  • Avatar for CopperKid17
    easily, one of conor's best songs
  • Avatar for anthropologie
  • Avatar for Benbenish
    This is nice, but the live version is liek, SO NICE
  • Avatar for DarHos
    Possibly my favourite song on Cassadaga. Possibly my favourite song by Bright Eyes? Not really sure actually - depends on the mood. Right now I'm in the mood.
  • Avatar for RichMahogany
    Yeah, I was wondering if anyone else hears this song and thinks it sounds very... native american. It makes me think of the Incas? I dunno, its very dreamlike, and very cool.
  • Avatar for Vanes_37
    this song makes me sad ..... and happy.
  • Avatar for aderyle
    such a mature ALBUM
  • Avatar for bwahhhhhhh
    amazing track. i think the title is perfect
  • Avatar for essesprinzi
    and what about the John McEntire drumming? gorgeous!
  • Avatar for Hearshot1
    or native american?
  • Avatar for mypaperplane_
    indian? or arabic?
  • Avatar for revolution_II
  • Avatar for princess213
    this is my favorite song of bright eyes, of everything, forever. it makes me feel like dreaming and water and wide awake all at once.
  • Avatar for whitecollarboy_
    Probably the only one from this album I don't like...
  • Avatar for thescientist
    this song freaaaks me out
  • Avatar for ninjanity
    That's what everyone else has said. >_> This is strangely my currently favorite Bright Eyes song.
  • Avatar for grace_steph
    it's Saada Tekmel B'Lhouria Houria as far as i know and it means something like there cannot be happiness without freedom.
  • Avatar for Jharod
    I'm learning arabic, but I managed to hear only two words - Saada means happiness while Houria is freedom. Does that make any sense? =)
  • Avatar for noche-obscura
    incredible song.
  • Avatar for ChrisWebb49
    i love the arabic at the end. its really quite different from the rest of the album. more world-y.
  • Avatar for BlackStar77
    Probably my favourite song off the album.
  • Avatar for srxt
    this is my favourite song on cassadaga.
  • Avatar for haxhaxhax
    Yeah, that's what seems to indicate.
  • Avatar for ninjanity
    It's Arabic from what I heard... it means: There can't be happiness without freedom
  • Avatar for all4nihil
    One of Conor's best ever.
  • Avatar for dookiehead
    no one said it was anything other than arabic? for the record, this is in the top three best songs on the album.
  • Avatar for Jharod
    It's arabic, trust me, I'm learning it :-)
  • Avatar for Herr_Amn
    Sounds like Arabic for sure.
  • Avatar for southernstatex
    i think she was referring to the spoken russian words at the end of neely o'hara.
  • Avatar for lilguitargal
    it's definitely arabic. i love it.
  • Avatar for Oidualc
    truly amazing!


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