• Even I can't escape false tagging..

    5 Jan 2006, 12:40 by sagiiltus

    I just found out that for more than 5 years I thought that Every Rose Has Its Thorn was actually performed by Guns N' Roses!
    I began to arrange my MP3 collection by albums, and couldn't find the album that "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" is in, so I googled a little and found out many many people who did the same mistake as I did.
    I don't know what's the origin of this massive mistake, but you should be careful when tagging your MP3!!

    Some more exapmles of tag mistakes I had (most of them were corrected in the first month after I aquired the file):

    * Man on the Silver Mountain mistakenly tagged as song of Dio

    * Lady in Red mistakenly tagged as song of Roy Orbison

    * F.B.I., mistakenly tagged as song of Queen (not that wrong, though).

    * very old one but still be carefull -
    Brain Damage was tagged as "Lunatic" (this is a very COMMON mistake made by non-PF fans)