• Eurovision: Making Your Mind Up

    18 Mar 2007, 00:14 by Woodshed1

    Poor old Wogan. Not only has he been reviled in the press just for stealing money from the starving millions in Africa, now he's gone and made himself look like a bumbling fool on national telly. As well as failing to understand the concept of building the tension, he also announced the wrong winner. Someone put the old fella out of his misery.

    It's hard to believe that anyone is still willing to ring up and vote on after recent scandals - apparently, there's an endless supply of idiots. The fact that only complete idiots are now voting goes some way to explaining the results.

    Liz McClarnon off of of Atomic Kitten turned in a surprisingly listenable slice of watered down 60s soul.

    Brian Harvey off of of East 17 and running himself over in his own car, looking like Golum without the healthy glow in cheeks, whose song I hated a lot less than I thought I expected to.

    Big Brovaz turned in the best performance of the night. John Barrowman appeared mortified that they didn't make it into the final two.