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  • Avatar for foreigner97
    Discovered this album 30 minutes ago and I already feel like I have discovered a dozen of origins of a lot of great bands/artists that became active after 1977.
  • Avatar for tumultodevozes
    Everything seems to meet and merge sucessfully on this album.
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    Eno supposedly wrote something like 100 songs around this time. I don't know how many of those he recorded, but if it was any of them at all, I'd love to hear them.
  • Avatar for MisterJunior
    "Backwater" is one of the most maddeningly catchy songs ever made. This is a great record, the first one I ever bought from Eno's solo career, and it made me want to seek out his other stuff. It's the perfect marriage of his more "pop" songwriting and his forays into ambient and electronic music. This is an essential album and one of the best of the 70s. Fans of Talking Heads, Bowie's "Berlin" period and Krautrock will especially like this one.
  • Avatar for roldki
    This is one of my favourite post-1975 records by far. What a gem.
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    This album is another gem in Eno's music catalog. "King's Lead Hat" is my favorite off of it. :D
  • Avatar for Szabalala
    Holy Toledo, WHAT A RECORD
  • Avatar for krakadog
    A great album from Brian who's output has proved him to be highly creative, original, unique and a trendsetter. FANTASTIC.
  • Avatar for TristanLR
    Before and After Science: one of the best albums I’ve ever heard and Eno at his peak – creative, dynamic, playful, moving and so very satisfying. Side B is utterly timeless.
  • Avatar for HerrTillman
    and on the drums, Mr. Jaki Liebezeit
  • Avatar for Kirill88
    Wikipedia says that Eno wrote over one hundred songs while recorded this album. Hope someday we'll hear the rest.
  • Avatar for psynumb
    Such an influential album.
  • Avatar for dafigz_2011
  • Avatar for cs81
  • Avatar for piribolygo
    ocean music
  • Avatar for guiludwig
    This is THE Eno album as far as I'm concerned. It's just too bloody good. [2]
  • Avatar for TristanLR
    This is THE Eno album as far as I'm concerned. It's just too bloody good.
  • Avatar for THee-BeAtNiK
    An honor to have listened to, thanks you Brian Eno.
  • Avatar for japhii
    Que buen disco por la cresta !!!!!!
  • Avatar for Scories
    I really like Brian Eno, but this album stands out.
  • Avatar for drthatguy
    listened for the first time yesterday and from memory every track was great and stood out in a unique way. and that doesn't happen often...
  • Avatar for RadicalEd76
    Just finishing my first listen to this, my first Eno album, and I'm very impressed. This is gorgeous and thoughtful music. Glad I gave it a chance.
  • Avatar for kempo23
    best lyrics ive heard on any album
  • Avatar for jbchervin
    An album you can always go back to. It strikes a perfect balance between being challenging and comforting. To me that is where Eno's true brilliance lies.
  • Avatar for pollepet
    big ship
  • Avatar for Silentowl311
    Man Brian Eno is awesome. Back water is an awesome song from this album.
  • Avatar for IAJP
    i haven't listened to this album in ages and i can't even think of one moderately good reason why that's the case
  • Avatar for _KevMusic_
    I'll be damned if this right here is not the best first impression i've had from an album in... a very long time. Phenomenal first listen, we'll see how it goes! :)
  • Avatar for zimmerman6290
    Maravilloso. Obra de genio.
  • Avatar for zimmerman6290
    Maravilloso. Obra de genio.
  • Avatar for pollepet
    Timeless music, he's an extraordinary artist, great feeling in these songs, this album will last for ever
  • Avatar for smorton87
    I could see this being apart of the Berlin trilogy though the whole point of that was Bowie albums so if this was included you might as well add a Iggy Pop album. I'm think this is how it would go. 1.The Idiot 2.Low 3.Before and After Science
  • Avatar for profbarkingmad
    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't he influence, like, just about everbody (I'm thinking Duran Duran now - please shoot me quickly......(only joking Simon!)
  • Avatar for profbarkingmad
    That's the first time I've listened to that for 37 years. Getting an acid flashback!
  • Avatar for KosmischeSynth
    WHY HASN'T BRIAN ENO BEEN KNIGHTED? Join up.[ ] [/url]
  • Avatar for KosmischeSynth
    Why, isn't this the third Berlin Trilogy release, not Lodger. I mean, Lodger has almost nothing in common with the other 2, this does. Quiet tracks on side 2, disco-ish art-rock traks on side 1. WHY IS THIS NOT THOUGHT OF AS THE FINAL INSTALLMENT OF THE BERLIN TRILOGY? 'Cos it is!
  • Avatar for emcxmc
    His masterpiece
  • Avatar for Ibbey3000
    GudenTaag...Schmitz digs zis big time...zis lady below sinks she knows ze shitz
  • Avatar for robotpwnsyou
    great album
  • Avatar for grobschablone
    Eno has Music for each Situation
  • Avatar for casadivetro
    the sense of beauty
  • Avatar for vihris-gari
    Can't say I've really clicked with this guy's music yet. But "Backwater" is fuckin' awesome!
  • Avatar for FadingMind
    Freakin' amazing. No words I can say could do this album justice.
  • Avatar for tidbit
  • Avatar for RossHahaha
    both sides are great in their own way. different music for different moods
  • Avatar for somnambulance
    the second side of this album utterly fucking devastates me

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