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    This list as its main purpose is know abou some electronic albums that have change the way of making music in the genre and see how the same genre has been evoled by the pass of the time.

    The list includes not just electronic as it is, it has a broad range of electronic-related styles including the following ones: early synthesizer music, krautrock, progressive electronic, ambient, synth pop, industrial, Euro disco, Hi-NRG, boogie, electro, freestyle, house, techno, Miami bass, alternative dance, trip-hop/downtempo, acid jazz, hardcore, jungle/drum & bass, trance, big beat, indietronica, etc.


    1. !!! - Louden Up Now (2004)
    2. 2 Live Crew - As Nasty As They Wanna Be (1989)
    3. 2 Live Crew - Is What We Are (1986)
    4. 4hero - Parallel Universe (1995)
    5. 4hero - Two Pages (1998)
    6. 808 State - ex:el (1991)
    7. 808 State - Newbuild (1988)
    8. 808 State - Utd. State 90 (1990)
  • The 25 Most Influential Ambient Albums Of All Time

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    Introducing words.

    In 2002's, producer Jeff Towne and journalist Peter Manzi from New Age Voice Magazine, have created rating of most significant works in style for all time. For selecting of it, were invited following artists - Steve Roach, Robert Rich, founder of record company Hearts of Space - Stephen Hill. As a result were selected 25 albums. There are like an classical albums of Steve Roach and Brian Eno, as well as usually classified as - Tangerine Dream, - Aphex Twin, The Orb and even - Miles Davis. Thus, ambient definition has been quite extended.

    Full list of experts who took a part in creation of this list:

    Stephen Hill, founder of Hearts of Space;
    John Diliberto, producer and radio dj of Echoes syndicated radio;
    Barbara Taylor, founder and editor in chief of New Age Voice Magazine;
    Steve Davis, producer of Hearts of Space;
    Howard Givens, founder and vice president of Spotted Peccary Records;
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    Somethin' Else
    Cannonball Adderley

    It isn't too difficult to understand why MFSL considered this album to be a worthy candidate for an Ultradisc reissue—aside from Cannonball Adderley, you have a lineup that includes Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Sam Jones, and Art Blakey. This is a group that could take on a Barry Manilow number and turn it into a jazz masterpiece. MFSL have done the purchaser a favor, too, by including an additional track that was left off the original album. This sixth track, “Alison's Uncle”, closes out Somethin' Else on a high note, changing the flow of energy in an interesting way (purists can still finish up on a quieter note, as with the original, by programming "Dancing in the Dark" as the final track). In many ways it's a surprise that this track was left off originally—it's an excellent piece, with Adderley and Davis trading licks and solos while Jones and Blakey keep pace. Blakey also takes some terrific solos. …
  • The 25 Most Influential Ambient Albums Of All Time

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    The 25 Most Influential Ambient Albums Of All Time (русск. 25 самых влиятельных эмбиент альбомов всех времён)

    В 2002 году музыкальный продюсер Джэф Тоун (Jeff Towne) и журналист Питер Манци (Peter Manzi) из журнала «New Age Voice Magazine» составили рейтинг главных альбомов в стиле эмбиент, созданных за всё время. Для отбора претендентов на попадание в рейтинг были приглашены судьи, среди которых были музыканты Стив Роуч, Роберт Рич, основатель звукозаписывающей компании Hearts of Space Стефен Хилл (Stephen Hill) и др. В итоге эксперты выбрали «25 самых влиятельных эмбиент альбомов всех времён» (The 25 Most Influential Ambient Albums Of All Time).

    В этот рейтинг попали как классические работы Брайана Ино и Стива Роуча, так и альбомы, обычно классифицируемые как прогрессивный рок (Tangerine Dream), электронная музыка (Aphex Twin, The Orb) и даже джаз (Miles Davis). Таким образом, само определение эмбиент было существенно расширено.

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