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Brian (Rockstar) Alig is the first half of All Titles of the World. music has always been his passion, which is one of the biggest reason why he's currently studying music history. he once recorded many demos, but decided not to do anything big with them. he and Viggo met about a year ago, and since have been really good friends. they like to share their interests, and do projects together, it's one of the reason why they decided to do this band thing. he's a busy person, when you get a chance to have his attention; you're very lucky. he's working at dualstar when he's not sitting in class, or doing homework. he plans on someday having his own record label. he's a sucker for french books, thrift stores, tori amos, target's sales, ameoba, best buy's sales and many other strange things. he's very outgoing. he's scared of horror movies, or anything sounding scary. he's sometimes having a really bad temper, but even when he does, you go aww and still think he looks cute, funny and friendly. he likes to watch old movies, and for sure loves to buy anything on sale. he has too many cds, it would take you a full day to count them. but overall, he's a nice and talented person.

Offsite and musicshop - http://music.plasticminds.com.

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