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  • Avatar for nadscher9
    amazing music, amazing band!
  • Avatar for soostalz
    @little_stevie1 they were on arte tracks recently (only fr/ger language afaik)
  • Avatar for lilovy_den
    great Breton
  • Avatar for Little_Stevie1
    Fucking awesome project! Where can I find a bit of information about it?
  • Avatar for hokabye
    free (legal) download on my new compilation - 7.000 downloads can't be wrong.
  • Avatar for Paramarimbo
    without "dubstep" elements sounds better.
  • Avatar for RiotSugar
    Thought it was some kind of Yannis side-project first time I heard them, haha. Album is class though.
  • Avatar for what_happened
    Vocal reminds me of Yannis from Foals [2] an awful lot
  • Avatar for Paramarimbo
    Vocal reminds me of Yannis from Foals
  • Avatar for inorganique
    Wow, I'm really impressed! Very good album
  • Avatar for HallucinogeNick
  • Avatar for BlondieOirol
  • Avatar for NoKsville
    a Foalsy Band, love it!
  • Avatar for Scott_25
    Foals + These New Puritans + etc.
  • Avatar for calsimon
    oh man
  • Avatar for marobs
    What a surprise.
  • Avatar for caffeineandvase
    new mixtape!
  • Avatar for Sjanyk_San
    welcome [group]One World - Many Cultures[/group] join! [group]Я люблю рідну мову[/group] жлобЬІ-тайга, вас не стосується
  • Avatar for pigeondetective
    very tom vek, im liking it alot
  • Avatar for anawynn
    this is cool
  • Avatar for forfeitnumbers
  • Avatar for ChrisRe
    album bought - nice piece of work
  • Avatar for DaveDuke
    пацаны могут.
  • Avatar for FlavaInYourEar
    The album "Other People's Problems" sounds absolutely amazing!
  • Avatar for sroow
    worst thing on hemlock
  • Avatar for durbanizable
    GUAAAU Edward The Confessor : ))) INTERFERENCE : )))
  • Avatar for ClickSaveAs
    Can't wait to hear the album!
  • Avatar for WhtLauradidNext
    ...I lost teeth and gained wisdom....
  • Avatar for plucker
    "Ordnance Survey". YES.
  • Avatar for DaveDuke
    тег "ахуеть" довольно неплохо подходит)
  • Avatar for caffeineandvase
    free ep download!
  • Avatar for forfeitnumbers
    заебись, не иначе.
  • Avatar for J_A_M_E_S_
    How is Kensington System only 18th in the charts?
  • Avatar for hrabiapiurko
    this is beautiful.
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  • Avatar for CharisIsTehCool
    I love these guys, seriously. Saw them at xfm exposure, brilliant.
  • Avatar for Nonotje
    Un concert absolument éblouissant aux transmusicales
  • Avatar for fuming
    Is this guy the same than the one that produced the Glass EP on Fake Blood's label?
  • Avatar for Badid55
    Good job guys !
  • Avatar for bearskinrug
    Yep yep.. definitely on the money these lads. Welcome to the lab.
  • Avatar for falloftroys
    I may have a new love and their name is Breton.
  • Avatar for iamjackadee
    These guys were fucking intense at Heaven last night with Tom Vek. Totally blew me away.
  • Avatar for ethancraft
    Definitely sounds like Vek to me, and I like it.
  • Avatar for Superogyrec
  • Avatar for MaxMauroMoan
    I even like the singing.. Why is Breton tagged as shoegaze? Counter Balance EP is awesome and powerful :) Like it very much. Just bought few hours ago
  • Avatar for Merzbore
    would be alright without the singing
  • Avatar for Hide-and-sneak
    For the people not seeing the similarity between Breton and Tom Vek check out the track 'Cover' by Vek.... won't be surprised if it is him behind this.
  • Avatar for stanl3y2
    hemlock's commercial sellout
  • Avatar for guthriepc
    Yeah I'm down with Breton now, this shit is awesome. Vocals go perfectly.
  • Avatar for BigLurch
    This is really coolll


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