• The Dodo's at a small local club

    21 Apr 2008, 18:50 by wildhoney269

    Thu 17 Apr – The Dodos, Woven Hand, Brendan Losch
    Last week we went to see The Dodo's at The Note in Bucktown. I first read about them on one of the indie music blogs I often check out and they were mentioned as an unappreciated. I downloaded an MP3 and found out I really liked them so I got tickets when I saw they were playing in town. Woven Hand and Brendan Losch opened for them. Brendan Losch played first and his music is really mellow but really good. I bought two CDs of his and they are perfect for unwinding. Woven Hand was pretty good but we didn't get into them that night. They had these really driving beats and I will definitely be buying a few of their songs. And of course The Dodo's were as fun as I thought they would be. They had an additional person on stage occasionally (main band is only two people) who was banging on this strange black object. After the show I asked the drummer what it was and he said it was a garbage can that they just bent the hell out of. …