• 4 Is Quite Enough

    18 Sep 2006, 18:07 by missionverdana

    I was too busy over the weekend checking my new Refused CD, that I only ended up with four particularly enchanting songs for this week. It's fine though, because they're all good. IMO, of course.

    Idiot Pilot - Deep Blue
    This turned up as a B-side to A Day In The Life Of A Poolshark. It really stood out on account of the fact everything I've heard by the band includes a lot of frenzied screaming. Now, if you just read that and thought "dear god, no!", don't worry. This track is different. It's funny, really, how Michael and Daniel can combine the craziest vocals with calm instrumental parts, yet this track has them eliminate the screaming for a far more tranquil song. Yup, no screaming, so those of you who fear the human voice at its most daring, you can relax.

    Fugazi - Five Corporations
    Taken from the End Hits record, I found this song a couple of years back, when I was trying to figure out what all those lovely people on the Purevolume forums were on about when they told me Senses Fail wasn't emo. …