• Lame Guessing Game

    20 Mar 2006, 02:42 by cartbot

    I normally don't participate in these trends that go around here, but this one seemed fun enough. Basically you just post some lyrics and people guess what artist/band and song they're from. Don't use a search engine because that is CHEATING. I'm also adding connections to the #1 "similar artist" for every answer and also my top 5 artists. A couple of the "similar artists" I haven't even heard of though.

    1. "The reason for the story is to give away your last chance"
    Hint: This is from the first CD release (not vinyl, though) by an electronic dance music sublabel.
    Found by basscad: Matthew Dear - Dog Days

    2. "Don't memorize the leaves, they're colored to deceive"
    Hint: It's from an EP released by Warp.

    3. "We can be invisible, there wouldn't be an indication"
    Hint: This track is by an electro artist who usually doesn't have vocals.

    4. "You're so beautiful, you came back to me"