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  • such an underrated band, RIP. [2]
  • such an underrated band, RIP.
  • Anyone interested in futuristic sounding Metal, especially now that Sybreed and BtV is gone... peep this shit!
  • Well... fuck. First Sybreed and then These peeps.
  • Time for another album, guys. Give us. [3]
  • Check very similiar Industrial/electronic metal band from Finland: They released new album and you can listen and download it completely free. Listen: Download:
  • Better at writing catchy, flowing tunes than Sybreed. Better at anything else? Not by a long shot. Sybreed still reigns supreme.
  • better than sybreed???? NO!!!!!!
  • better than sybreed [2]
  • Time for another album, guys. Give us.
  • Substance Black new album preview. Enjoy!
  • Preferred the EP as well prior to the name/vocal change... still a good first release after. I hope they find that powerful sound again. I was floored the first time I heard Digital Structure.
  • fuck yeah
  • Best techno-metal; cyborg/cyber metal I have ever heard. More modern and technical. Great beats and mixing
  • If you like these guys, check out [url=]Neosis[/url]
  • "born from the ashes of disappointment" great selling point there
  • Это вылитый клон sybreed но он великолепный)
  • fuck yeah)
  • "WORK IN PROGRESS"...that's their latest facebook update so i guess they're working on the second album! :)
  • dunno,their facebook has been silent since christmas ....hope they come out with some new stuff soon,i really enjoy "The Monochromatic Era"
  • BTV is the BEST thing since Sybreed and Mnemic! Thanks @ju4np1 for linking to the lyrics; i've been trying to find them for MONTHS. I see everyone talking about them as ETNA with a different singer; where can i find their EP? And does anyone know if/when they're coming out with a new album?
  • Guys are unique to distraction
  • Am i the only one who likes the new vocalist more than the former one? I mean,i listened to "Falling" and "Retribution Engine" from the EP and the vocals weren't bad but growls were somehow chaotic and clean weird.I find Marco's voice more fitting to the "cyber" theme.
  • [url=]FUTURISTIC-METAL Facebook Community[/url] Join us!
  •, check this out if you already didn't!
  • hope its true!
  • It's true that they will release new album in 2011?
  • Way too underrated!
  • @LiveOnFire
  • sounds interesting/ довольно интересное звучание.
  • where the shit is their goddamn fucking lyrics
  • Yes they are similar to Sybreed. Alex Anxionna who thought up BTV and plays drums for the band used to be in Sybreed. For a first release this album is extremely well put together.
  • Clone of Sybreed?
  • No more future Ruuulez ( in song Customized Genotype )
  • Sybreed is classics for this genre and BTV not better than sybreed anyway.... Just Sybreed has already bothered)))))
  • for me, breach the void is the best modern metal band you can get at this moment
  • the more i listen the more i like :D
  • This shit is awesome.....
  • amazing, addicting, awesome Words cannot describe
  • Vocals are much worse than Sybreed's. I liked the demo vocals more too. =/
  • I wouldn't say its better than Sybreed. Both are amazing, but Sybreed is an ireplazable icon of this cyber modern metal genre.
  • Better than Sybreed.
  • Hi Alex! ^^
  • System Failure <3
  • Depeche Mode has really influenced their band pics.
  • awesome, come to Germany !!!
  • This shit is awesome.....
  • I want the lyrics.
  • almost 1000 listeneres.....NICE
  • I like!


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