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  1. (2008-2010)

    Ellseed is a visual kei band from Japan, formed Summer '08. Their band concept is 「感情と情景」 - "emotions and scenes".



  2. SectMa was a visual-kei rock band formerly known as SectMateria; they renamed themselves and started anew after previous vocalist Gene and…

  3. (2007 - 2010)

    Vocals - さどん (Sadon)
    Guitar - カナタ (Kanata)
    Guitar - ルイ (Rui)
    Bass - H.Y.T
    Drums - 義鷹 (Yoshitaka) (ex-AiBeLL)

    2009.01.10. -…

  4. RivaSquall (リバースコール) was a Japanese visual kei band formed in 2008 and disbanded in October 2010

    Members are:
    Vo. 幸 -sachi-…

  5. Zip.er were a Japanese Oshare kei band, formed in October 2007.

    After the long break and sudden departure of Drummer kaji, Zip.er have decided…

  6. Hi:BRiD was a visual-kei/rock band, based in Tokyo, Japan. They started their activities on August 4th, 2008. The original line-up was JILL (vocals),…

  7. バレッタ is an indie visual kei band from the Kanto region of Japan. The band formed on June 22, 2007 and is made up of 4 members. The band became…

  8. Members
    Vocal : 冥 (Mei)
    Guitar : Natsuki
    Bass : ゆぅやん (Yuyan)
    Drums : 一祈 (Ikki)

    • OHP
    • Vkdb
    • Visunavi

    07.10.08 : lyricism…

  9. Vettic is an indies visual kei band, who formed in April of 2008 and disbanded after their live in April 4th,2010.

    Vocal: ICHIYA (ex-シネマストリップ)

  10. Medi@lize, is a Visual Kei band that had their first live on 2008/04/17 at HOLIDAY SHINJUKU. The band concept, Cyber Anime/Manga World, where they…

  11. NoveLis were a Japanese Visual Kei band. They started activities in 2007 and disbanded on September 2008.

    Vo. Rui | → NoveLis
    Gu. 零乃 | → NoveLis…

  12. トゥーン工場 (TOON-FACTORY) was a visual kei band from Tokyo, Japan. The band formed in 2008 and is made up of 5 members. The band will disband after…

  13. GRiST was a visual kei rock band from Osaka, Japan active from May 10, 2007 to October 10, 2010.

    Vocal: まひる (Mahiru)
    → ELLBLEACH →…

  14. ギズモ was formed in early 2008, and had their first live on March 8th that same year. The band decided to disband on March 9th 2010 at Shibuya…

  15. バギーボギー (Baggy Boggy) was a four-member Visual Kei band from Tokyo, Japan. The band formed in 2008, and held their first live on March 13th, where…

  16. ラッド (Pronounced: Rado / Lad) was an indies Visual Kei Rock band from Tokyo, Japan. The four-member band was formed in April of 2007, and held…

  17. kamato - vocals
    chaka - guitar
    ケニー(kenny) - guitar
    香月(kazuki) - bass
    ゆうひ(yuuhi) - drums

    disbanded on Jan 31. 2009.

  18. Drop Star Shooting

    Vo.Kousei (ex-GHOST)
    Gu.Ray (ex-UnsraW)
    Ba.ついつい (Tsuitsui)
    Dr.上博殻 (Inoue Hiroki) (ex-バビロン)
    Key.アル (Aru)

    Their First Live…

  19. 氷男 (Iceman / koori otoko), also known as "氷男ko_riotoko", is a solo project started by ex-オーダーメイド (ordermade) vocalist Haru. The project began in…

  20. INCORRECT TAG FOR ヒメユリ!!!


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