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  • Avatar for NebulaSmudge
    Dude you don't even seem to be able to construct an entire sentence, heaven knows how you managed to write an entire album :-/. Anywho, 'Live at Benaroya Hall' is still one of my favorite live albums, still as beautiful as the first time I heard it.
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    so i wrote the story album built the studio at bear creek played recorded promoted by ten she and the skin heads were into me for ~725 K one day at bear creek the skin heads called in a couple of lumberjacks to lump me and forget i removed the hatchet cut a finger off the jack threw her in the creek with bear creek ~1.2 M ain't seen a dime yet
  • Avatar for confetti__
    ?! @ The comments section here... Wtf? Haha, love you Brandi. Firewatcher's Daughter has taken a weirdly long time to grow on me, I think I need to hear some of the tracks live. Managed to see her five times on her UK trips over the last ten years, they're always amazing.
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  • Avatar for IodineXY
    vvv wow, this guy... I just came here to check out some of her songs lol
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    the balloons fallin' is the trojans she used
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    once she had fucked the shit out of the band . . . she decided she was gay . . . hip array for gay pay me back thanx JMS
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    enough said, i dislike relentless - repenter just pay me back . . . squirt the only way you have entered my dreams you owe me a bunch . . . if i was you i would put out the fire in your loins thanx JMS
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    i had a soft spot for that girl but everybody else found the wet spots last time i saw her she owed me 1.2M with intention of payin' me back. PLEASE buy her music so she can pay the fuck back. this is a cheap pitch from her creditors "pay me back bitch"
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    brandi, jim here this is no way for me to hyperventilate about your overwhelmin' success after you do most of the band you turned gay imagine that ! so this video is the four -five -six Trojans that she used before she went homosapian failin' to pay me back "the Story"
  • Avatar for shoegazefan
    no loved tracks on the new album for me on first listen - maybe I've 'over' listened to music - still one of my favorite artists & seen her live a couple of times & shes definately one of the best artists to see live (maybe only 'zaz' was better for me personally)
  • Avatar for FrenchBeekeeper
    I Belong to You ♥♥♥♥ , The Firewatcher's Daughter is brilliant ! Brandi has a beautiful voice...
  • Avatar for loc_wnl
    ♥ The Stranger at My Door ♥
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    i had a soft spot for her but the rest of the band had found all her wet spots
  • Avatar for swarmsea
    This might not be nice, but I loved her first two EP's and the first album - amazing stuff... But somehow... That's just it. I do like some of the songs from each album (the slower and more melodic are the ones that I love), but I am not feeling her.
  • Avatar for SSBN623
    squirt, jim simon here . . . please do not mistake me for you illusion of reality
  • Avatar for Gih_G_R
    her music speaks to me [2]
  • Avatar for lxlmandudelxl
    her music speaks to me
  • Avatar for Carlosfoolish
    Damn, I love her!
  • Avatar for Mishuke
    European tour? Pretty please ;) [3]
  • Avatar for yearssomuch
    Well, my last comment got deleted. All I said was I don't particularly care for Carlile. Is the slightest hint of negativity suddenly against the rules?
  • Avatar for Michelle____
    European tour? Pretty please ;) [2]
  • Avatar for stillir
    European tour? Pretty please ;)
  • Avatar for Sarinijha
  • Avatar for JustAKayee
    there is no music genre called "Female vocalists" [2]
  • Avatar for smiley-1
    Wait what? She supported Tori Amos? T, why didn't you bring her to your shows in Germany (and Europe in general) back then? Lucky people who attended to these shows...!
  • Avatar for nathalierosaa
    Oh dear, come to Brazil!!! Please...² ♡
  • Avatar for citadelprime
    i only know the story but i love it.. it's the most played song in my ipod!!!
  • Avatar for alwaysembraced
    Tears, even after all this time . . . . I think only HER voice can convey THIS song that way (and make me cry)....
  • Avatar for Henrique_Lee
    Conheci através do Grey's Anatomy, e adorei!
  • Avatar for Michelle____
    Melissa Etheridge? Hell no! I love Melissa, but Brandi >>>>>> Melissa!
  • Avatar for lightsout_black
    Bear Creek is amazing! so happy shes coming to London
  • Avatar for kristojk
    Probably one of the most beautiful voices out there. I love how she manages to sound pure as a newcomer and as mature as a seasoned artist at the same time.
  • Avatar for shoegazefan
    gig in london - happy days
  • Avatar for leytondanilo
  • Avatar for ramon0
    The Story ♥
  • Avatar for littleMermaid1
    what can i say ♥
  • Avatar for mario_marinato
    Raise Hell is one of 2012's greatest songs.
  • Avatar for kosmickurtso
    You guys. "Just Kids."
  • Avatar for JulianeJuly
    Free Download ;)!/concert/brandi-carlile/20056024-50128
  • Avatar for djkahannah
  • Avatar for julierthanyou
    i don't know how i went this long without hearing her, but now i am in love.
  • Avatar for JupiterSSJ4
    NPR TinyDesk concert:
  • Avatar for shoegazefan
    the most emotionally expressive voice ever
  • Avatar for mario_marinato
    Raise Hell is an amazing song.
  • Avatar for CamineConti
    Bear Creek perfeito!
  • Avatar for b1ackroses
    <3 <3
  • Avatar for Isuki86
    Just Kids ♥
  • Avatar for bah_rodrigues
    Bear Creek ♥
  • Avatar for venusinblue


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