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  • Avatar for ZacB182
    The 'Live at The Bell House' version is great if only for the extended outro.
  • Avatar for Zom_Zil_Zam
    "you're a sucker for anything acoustic"
  • Avatar for transparentman
    This will never get old.
  • Avatar for lostboiii
    this song rules it
  • Avatar for asmadasrabbits
    i feel like this song is underrated
  • Avatar for ants_in_pants
    so good morninig song
  • Avatar for DrifterPunk
    if there is one song that reminds me of my ex its this
  • Avatar for CaitlinFenrir
    "When I say lets keep in touch, I really mean I wish that you'd grow up." Its like they can read minds. =D [2]
  • Avatar for joranamooooos2
    i kinda dig it.
  • Avatar for Hellsbells1993
    Good lord.. I'm glad they grew out of this.
  • Avatar for FreeHotCarl
    "When I say lets keep in touch, I really mean I wish that you'd grow up." Its like they can read minds. =D
  • Avatar for mamaimswollen
  • Avatar for cutewithoutthe-
    yeah, but I wish you were my shadow
  • Avatar for goldenbeard
    oh snap. i haven't heard this song in forrrever.
  • Avatar for lastinglove
    I've got a 20 dollar bill. ♥
  • Avatar for CatalystDM
  • Avatar for clutnuckle
    i dont like the smiths. cool song tho~
  • Avatar for Hazard02
    The first song for your mixtape and it's shot like your temper ♫♪
  • Avatar for charliekilo22
    Easily the most overrated Brand New song ever. It's decent but it isn't even the best song on YFW.
  • Avatar for NatassjaEternal
    Mimsayyyy listened to this song 28 minutes from now.
  • Avatar for Sgt_Baker
    before brand new got too cool :( [2]
  • Avatar for xSOMx
    i REALLY hope he wrote this song as an actual song on a girl's mix tape.
  • Avatar for RobMyYouth
  • Avatar for cursive_pulse
    This song is so good to listen to when feeling angst-y.
  • Avatar for neverbemine
    before brand new got too cool :(
  • Avatar for mintchill
    first song by them i heard. memories))
  • Avatar for fedtodeath
  • Avatar for StoneManu
    Reminds me of a girl ;)
  • Avatar for sweetadrenaline
    The first Brand New song I heard when I was 13. Still my favorite!
  • Avatar for franknst3ingirl
    brand new own my soul. end of story. this song defines me.
  • Avatar for taytaynotgaygay
    The first time I heard this song, I was reading The Perks Of Being A Wallflower, and I was right around the part where he was making a mix tape with the Smiths on it, and I was amazed.
  • Avatar for stgemma
    somewhat golden like the afternoons we used to spend, before you got too cool.
  • Avatar for que-onda-bero
    this is the first song for your mixtape and it's short just like your temper
  • Avatar for Jennilini
    I really mean I wished that you'd grow up.
  • Avatar for raynahx
    this song has memories.
  • Avatar for hezzaaa
  • Avatar for rachelleTHRASH
    _music listener: the genre tags are formulated by every brand new listener, and not the same person who wrote the biography(:
  • Avatar for stgemma
    how dare they criticize the smiths... lol :D
  • Avatar for explosivedog
    I like the lyric 'short just like your temper', when in reality the song is actually one of the longer tracks on the album.
  • Avatar for ciaobellaa
  • Avatar for lalalksilil
    The Smiths and Morrissey reference killed me it was pretty awesome.
  • Avatar for _music_listener
    haha u know it's funny! on the info it states clearly: Brand New is NOT an emo band... yet the first related genre i see listed about them above is "emo"... someone is contradicting himself? i think so!
  • Avatar for oneyedcat
    ...and you criticise the Smiths and Morrissey. How very dare you.
  • Avatar for hellovertigo
  • Avatar for sailyourownboat
    i really like them but somehow they're not my favorite
  • Avatar for knifewrenchx
    these are my favourtie band, i'm too obsessed haha x
  • Avatar for n1klass
    very good song i love it
  • Avatar for Jwinter25
    Great Lyrics and a really good song
  • Avatar for potato-e
    at leeds festival 2007, i was in bits trying to decide whether to see kings of leon or brand new, even though i had seen brand new already they THANKFULLY won love love love!
  • Avatar for Jeyk3
    love the song. check out the band "below me"


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