• Brand New - Daisy

    29 Sep 2009, 1:37 de Gitykins

    Brand New - Daisy

    It's really weird. I haven't started reviewing something like that in forever. It's starts off with soft piano music with some lady who I've never heard before, jumps into screamo (Vices), calms down to a ballad-like song (Bed), jumps back to screamo (At The Bottom), and then steadies into a Brand New-esque sound. I love it now after about 2 weeks of listening, but it had to seriously grown on me to get to here.

    Vices.... What a fucking weird song. It starts off with some weird and very crappy quality piano laden music with some lady that sounds like it should fit more in the 1950's, and then after about a minute of "seriously, what the fuck?", it jumps into some hard drumming and bass guitar, and then screaming is just plopped on top. While the lyrics make no sense (and were 99% unable to be discerned on the first listen) and I'm not usually one for screaming at the top of your lungs, this song has seriously grown on me…
  • Brand New's Daisy.

    24 Sep 2009, 17:20 de blackdovex

    So, instead of downloading Daisy, I decided I'd rather wait until it had officially been released on CD until I listened to it. I had heard At The Bottom, yes, as it was a single, Gasoline, Bed and Bought A Bride. The rest was all new to me. Cheekily, I listened to those songs first but then, as always on a first listen, I began at the top.

    Walking down the street to the train station while listening to Vices probably wasn't the best idea as it resulted in me looking like a freak. I'll be honest and say that my immediate thoughts when hearing the woman singing in a 30s style accompanied by the piano was basically "what the hell.. ". Then my mind turned to Bio Shock (anyone who's played that game will fully understand why). Then the band kicked in and I literally jumped. Naturally, I began to laugh to myself - thus resulting in odd looks from the public. Anyways, I was too shocked to really listen fully to the song. On my second/third listen, I really began to like it. …
  • Album review - Brand New: Daisy

    11 Sep 2009, 13:59 de strwrngpurple

    Prior to getting into the actual review of this one, I feel like I need to preface it with this.... The more I float around the interweb, it seems like people are very divided on what they think about Brand Newas a band. It's not so much a "love it or hate it" thing as it is a you either kind of like it or you are in love with it. When I say love, you love it in the deepest, most real way possible. I know that comes across as cheesy, but for my fellow Brand New fans, they will understand. Everything this band has done, including and since Deja Entendu, has been golden in my book. The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me is my album of the decade. That's how much I love Brand New.... So if you aren't ready for the gushing of a fan boy, stop reading now.

    Brand New reinvent themselves with every release but still manage to sound distinctly like Brand New every time. There are a lot of bands that try to change over the course of their career and a lot of them fail miserably. …