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Braintoy is:

* Riley O'Connor (Hits beautiful vintage things with other things to make loud noises at the expense of the hickory forests and diminishing the supply of world copper)
* Christian Anderson (Guitarded,bouts of philosophical anguish brought on by fetal alcohol syndrome,white trash extraordinaire)
* Devin Gasteiger (Brown Notes , Tinkly Winkly Analog Synthax and Organic Love Vibrations disguised as Ivory Thingamabobs,severe drinking problem combined with anarchonistic empathy)
* Tristan Green(Throat doctor,loin cloths,super hairy teats,face only a mother could love)

A little more detail for the traditionalists amongst you:

* Influences: Pink Floyd,King Crimson,Tool,Cinematic Orchestra,Portishead,Black Sabbath,Mahavishnu Orchestra,Radiohead,Muse,Weather Report,Miles Davis,John Coltrane,Sigur Ros,Terry Gilliam,David Lynch,Stanley Kubrick and your favorite muppet on a glue bender…..?
* Sounds like: A Las Vegas Casino(or your mothers liquor cabinet) at full tilt with Pink Floyd and various artists as musical guests.

Visit Braintoy on the web at http://www.braintoy.net

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