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  1. SLEEP ROUGH 12"
    SO DIM 7"


    from CHARLOTTE, NC

  2. GG King is the alias of Carbonas frontman Greg King. Punk rock which draws from various KBD bands, NYC 75, Rolling Stones and the Scum Fucs.

  3. Banned from USA

  4. Young Governor is the solo project of Ben Cook, a highly prolific Canadian musician who has lent his talent in the past to Violent Minds, No…

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  6. Post-Punk band from San Francisco. Includes former members of Jump Off A Building.

  7. A band of Italian guys who dress up in sexy cop outfits and play great punk music. Just great.

  8. "With members that reside in Reading, Guildford and High Wycombe, we're not sure bands get more diffused than The Shitty Limits. But then again,…

  9. Pure excellence.

  10. When you hear the Creteens's Benji play guitar, scream and howl ,you'll know that late 90's Memphis garage punk has traveled across the seas and…

  11. Buncha freaks outta Richmond, VA. that sing about drinkin, druggin, and good old fashioned fuckin. Debut 7" Too Much TV out on Grave…

  12. UV Race is a fantastic group of mongoloids from Melbourne, Australia that play memorable punk music. Boasting members of Total Control, Dick Diver…

  13. Noisy lo-fi punk rock'n'roll

  14. Fast, loud, noisy garage punk from Minneapolis.


  15. Chicago noise punks on Criminal IQ Records (MOTO, Pedestrians, Vee Dee, Army of Jesus, Manhandlers, etc).
    Band broke up in Summer 2006. Filth, Mac…

  16. Carved out of the belly of the late Functional Blackouts, The Daily Void features Mac Blackout, Dr. Filth and Rob Karlic. The evident spill over of…

  17. "Rustbelt interpretation of South Beach dolphin raping"


  18. There are 3 bands with this name.

    1)Houston, Texas Psychedelic Punk Band
    2) the more recent US band.
    3) the now-defunt UK band of the 2000s

  19. Brutal Knights are a punk band from Toronto, Canada. The band has been described as having a "raw" punk rock-and-roll sound reminiscent of…

  20. With the force and voracity of a pack of rabid wolves set loose upon a herd of cattle, Austin, TX's WOMEN IN PRISON tighten up and rip your chest…


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