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  • Avatar for wolfgabriel
    Without a Fight (feat. Demi Lovato) <3 [4]
  • Avatar for thurvatoz
    Without a Fight (feat. Demi Lovato) <3 [3]
  • Avatar for eliarlan-d
    Without a Fight (feat. Demi Lovato) <3 [2]
  • Avatar for djonny_
    Without a Fight (feat. Demi Lovato) <3
  • Avatar for PhnomPencil
    Smartest man in Nashville.
  • Avatar for Roots_And_Wings
    Whiskey Lullaby <3 [2]
  • Avatar for tomaszbochaczyk
    piękna muza dobra robota:)
  • Avatar for casthefirstone
    Whiskey Lullaby <3
  • Avatar for LynxBlade
  • Avatar for ivor138
    eat some cock, Zatoichi!
  • Avatar for Zatoichi667
    you are a guzica, ivor
  • Avatar for ivor138
    lol, what a douchebag
  • Avatar for AngeloSwift13
    Perfect Storm <3
  • Avatar for CountryBritney
    UK fan here [3]
  • Avatar for mike8810
    The new album is called Moonshine In The Trunk with River Bank on it.
  • Avatar for AngeloSwift13
    What? ahahahahah. You don't know him, you can't say he's a terrible person! By the way we were talking about his lyrics, not his personality. Your argument is invalid, lol.
  • Avatar for OneRepublic93
    Oh, I actually did. And he's also a terrible person which leads to the final conclusion that only bigot people would listen to this kind of music. Don't misunderstood. He's a good musician, but he's a really terrible and close-minded human being. It's sad he sold his soul to what bigot American country has to offer.
  • Avatar for AngeloSwift13
    OneRepublic93, you clearly haven't listened to Brad's discography. Most of his songs have got clever lyrics (Harvey Bodine is my favorite), and he's a great lyricists and guitar player. He seldom did songs about getting drunk and having sex .-.
  • Avatar for OneRepublic93
    Writing songs about getting drunk and having sex is clever? Oh really?
  • Avatar for Adrisolis211
    Can some one tell me how to download music
  • Avatar for irblp
    keep writing music brad! your music heals me :)
  • Avatar for ixab_
    "I don't know your music cuz i don't drive a pickup and i don't sleep with my sister" :D haha love jimmy kimmel
  • Avatar for AngeloSwift13
    Brad >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban.
  • Avatar for randy98mtu
    My most played artist. Seen him live 3 or 4 times. Awesome performer. So many great songs, clever lyrics and amazing guitars!
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    Remind Me with Carrie Underwood is great. But what is with country singers and the hats? I mean he does not have one picture without a hat. Correction, there is one, and he has a baseball cap one. lol
  • Avatar for HolyandFallen
    amazing music, i keep discovering new things every time i listen to his songs
  • Avatar for AngeloSwift13
    "I can't change the world" is his new single :D
  • Avatar for LiuMusicbox
  • Avatar for Jason1087
    Brad Paisley英俊的五官,行云流水的吉他演奏,幽默诙谐的填词,粗壮的手臂,闪着光的眼神,还有一把低沉粗犷的好嗓子,……这个天蝎座男人简直是性感与才华集一身的代表人物,不知道是多少人的性幻想对象呢。keywords:Scorpius,sexy,beautiful,man,male vocalist,country,guitar instrumental
  • Avatar for Djentleman76
    my favorite country star
  • Avatar for davidn87
    UK fan here [3] Don't know where the hell all my scrobbles went!!!
  • Avatar for WLDB
    One of the few mainstream country stars I like. Mostly because he can pull off both the poppy stuff and traditional country. He also doesnt mind making fun of himself or others in the business which I like.
  • Avatar for kwayne16
    I'm not a big fan of country but, I listen yesterday for the first time one song of him - 'Southern Comfort Zone' - and damn, I fall in love for his music ! Respect from Portugal : )
  • Avatar for mrthelasttear
    UK fan here, Love This is country music! %)
  • Avatar for Jason1087
    perfect and beautiful man
  • Avatar for Rus_Used
    his best song is ballad of honey boo boo
  • Avatar for Lys0L
    I can tell from reading about the record that it's edgy politically, too. I'm okay with that. [2]
  • Avatar for songfactslastfm
    Moments before taking to the stage at a showcase for industry folks at a posh MGM Grand restaurant, Josh Thompson, the writer behind the Brad Paisley song, "A Man Don't Have to Die," took a few minutes to discuss his dislike for politics, his litmus test for rooting out a good song, and his thoughts on loud preachers who “try to point out to you that maybe your way of living isn't correct”:
  • Avatar for west-wing
    Brad has always been edgy. That's why I like him. He writes songs unlike any country artists I otherwise listen to. For the most part with few exceptions, his songs were edgy in a funny kind of way. I'm sure he still has those types of songs on this record, too, but I can tell from reading about the record that it's edgy politically, too. I'm okay with that. I've always loved his originality and I always will! I didn't name my cat Paisley to abandon him when he has POSSIBLY made a "mistake" or "crossed the line" (I don't know if he has; verdict is still out)
  • Avatar for BelascoBoo
    April 2013 -- There is a bunch of conversation surrounding this song...the media has gone haywire and everyone has his own opinion, even me...I see this song for exactly what it is...two pop music artists tackling a subject, which in American culture, that is so-called controversial. Is it going to change the world, I doubt it, but much respect to both Paisley and LL for giving it a shot...WE mustn't forget that Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney tried the same thing years ago with "Ebony & Ivory"...the subject of racism is still relevant and worth one human has all the answers, but what matters most, is that we don't let up on the subject...and that we continue to discuss it!!! From now until the end of time...
  • Avatar for StormandStatic
    Surprised no one's brought up Accidental Racist on here.
  • Avatar for RushFan1976
    love new album fav country star...great guitar player as well
  • Avatar for Str1ke1AL
    I'm here because of Carrie Underwood has a nice legs:P
  • Avatar for Occulta66
    Oh man, I like his guitar style. I wanna play like that
  • Avatar for Rus_Used
    i love him
  • Avatar for bangBANG_urDEAD
    I'm sure those of you who saw Brad on his last tour remember her:
  • Avatar for yyk002010
    Southern Comfort Zone <3
  • Avatar for wirapramudy
    Southern Comfort Zone <3
  • Avatar for esrabousniena
    i love brad paisley ^__^
  • Avatar for Douglas_Valerio
    Brad Paisley & Carrie underwood = Duo perfeito!


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