• solipsistic NATION No. 95: Bleep!

    20 Jun 2008, 16:35 by solipsisticast


    I hate Pete Cooper!

    Each week I face the same dilemma: what do I feature on solipsistic NATION? My priority is to play the best of all genres of electronic music but I’ve only got an hour to work with. Add to that the interviews, the live sets and the spotlighting of music labels of note and the question becomes what do I take out? Those are the kind of decisions that I agonize over.

    The obvious solution is to release solipsistic NATION as a daily podcast. That would give me the opportunity to do everything I want to do with the show as well as giving me the chance to be an actual DJ and play more mixes. But honestly, I spend so much time putting out one show a week that doing a daily podcast would most likely kill me and given my obsessive compulsive tendencies that would happen pretty quickly.

    Back in January I had Snowy who hosts Electronicast on solipsistic NATION as a guest DJ and he told me about his favorite podcast called bleepshow, hosted by Pete Cooper. …