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There are at least 8 artists called 'Boys' (not counting The Boys)

1) Punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio

2) Polish disco-polo boysband, formed in spring 1991. Boys are said to one of the most succesfull disco-polo groups ever. Former Names: Las Vegas, Black&White; final name: BOYS
Leader, composer, vocalist & lyrics author: Marcin Miller from Ełk.

3) Dream pop trio from London. Formed in 2012.

4) 'Boys' is a The Smiths-influenced rockabilly-popband from Gothenburg, Sweden.
The band released their first EP 'Wapping' at 'Smashing Time records' in 2005 and later same year was their first full-leangth record "In loch ness" in store.

The fact that the frontman and lyricist Erik Gregorsson is obsessed by Morrissey is not an understatement. Before Morrissey released his 10th album You Are the Quarry in May 2004, 'Boys' spread their "New Girl Born"
at different torrentsites with the assumed name of the upcoming Morrissey-song "ihaveforgivenjesus.mp3" witch caused a great stir in the popworld thanks to Gregorssons Morrissey-a-like-voice.

5) Japanese idol group belonging to Johnny & Associates. BOYS is short for Bokutachi Osaka Yankee Shonen. The group is made up by Takahiro Hamada (濱田崇裕, born December 19th 1987) and Daichi Nakata (中田大智 born November 22nd 1989). They both joined Johnny's in 2002.

Ryuuta Muro (室龍太, born April 25th 1989) and Kunta Yamasaki (山碕薫太, born May 24th 1991) were also part of BOYS, but nowadays they belong to Veteran.

6) An experimental math-rock band from Boston, Massachusetts, featuring Nick Tamburo on guitar/synth and Pat Reynolds on drums.

7) A acoustic group/indie group from Los Angeles who were featured in the New York Times article "Indie Rockers, 90210."

8) New Wave/Power Pop from Perth, Australia
Formed 1977, Perth, WA, Australia
Disbanded 1988
Members Frank Celenza (drums), Tony Celiberti (keyboards), Camillo Del Roio (guitar, vocals), Lino Del Roio (guitar, vocals), Wayne Green (vocals), Brent Lucanus (vocals), Troy Newman (vocals), Eddie Parise (bass), Roberto Salpietro (bass, vocals)

9) Independent Laptop folk tunes via montreal

10) Boys. Australia (1980), Made “When You’re Lonely” 7” a nice new wave/power pop single.

11) Boys. Missoula, MT Lo-Fi indie rock. They recently and independently released their debut EP "Shy Shirley." Formed in 2012.

12) Boys. A solo project by Swedish musician Nora Karlsson, guitarist of Swedish garage rock act HOLY. Released its debut EP Kind of Hurt in September 2015 with the follow-up EP Love on Tour released on May 20, 2016 via PNKSLM Recordings.

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