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  • Avatar for mattdabest
    Reminds me of Trentemøller - Vamp
  • Avatar for adreder
    It paralyses me.
  • Avatar for Gageaz
    This took me a while to like but now I do and it's fucking awesome now.
  • Avatar for xhellokittyrave
  • Avatar for phmall
  • Avatar for KhrystianB
  • Avatar for sxeblest
    digging the intro..
  • Avatar for DeuzX3r7
    This track is COOL!
  • Avatar for mocha11ama9k
    Kind of a chill track
  • Avatar for bassnvdr
  • Avatar for countmusica
    My lawnmower sometimes plays this song when it's malfunctioning.
  • Avatar for TheBigToeDrZAUS
    I don't want this to stop.
  • Avatar for DanceMasonDance
    I'm glad that Geth reference is getting some acknowledgement, hahaha. Sounds spot on though, amiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite? :3
  • Avatar for methadone_mouth
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for ianmphoenix
    Hey, even hive-mind semi-sentient cybernetic organisms like the Geth need to get down sometimes.
  • Avatar for Bernkit
    The GETH!!! Mason... you a ME fan?!
  • Avatar for UhhhBrandon
    He's done better...
  • Avatar for valinicious
    boys noize has a lot of damn NERVE
  • Avatar for panuki
    sounds like bugs are infiltrating my brain.. NOT AGAIN
  • Avatar for FilhoDeExo
    The perfect intro but it dies after a bit.
  • Avatar for FilhoDeExo
    Would have been badass an an intro but its lacking much.
  • Avatar for Toriyamafan
    kann es nicht bis zu ende hören
  • Avatar for Tania_ink
    ha. Such a tease.
  • Avatar for Emagdnim082
    @ 3:00 I need a body moving low bass...yes please.
  • Avatar for sdswimmaster
    I dig it.
  • Avatar for DanceMasonDance
    Fuck you THE GETH!!!
  • Avatar for Onesweetdream11
  • Avatar for IntroVertedMind
    Damn!! this is nerve wrecking!!!
  • Avatar for IIndustries
    i just bought this album yesterday!
  • Avatar for ssbleach
  • Avatar for D3monicRag3
    WTF is this SHIT!
  • Avatar for Salvator419
    BN does everything right
  • Avatar for medze
    eh, lot of build-up with little payoff =(
  • Avatar for jessicaelle
    so incredibly sexy
  • Avatar for HARDpwns
    Gave Me The Chills!!!
  • Avatar for kevhonline
    Makes me antsy the same way Justice's Stress does. Love it just the same, though.
  • Avatar for Bernkit
    damn this freaks out my midrange [2]
  • Avatar for johnphaga
    awsome track
  • Avatar for panuki
    this is sexy
  • Avatar for Patriark
    This is more minimal techno than dubstep, if you have to classify it. It's nothing like dubstep at all really, not the same rhythm, not the same sounds. It's one of the tracks I enjoyed the most on Power actually, it's a nice track for building momentum in a set
  • Avatar for BTape
    This was incredible when I saw him DJ. Love this album for sure, great purchase.
  • Avatar for gabrieldeluxe
    damn this freaks out my midrange
  • Avatar for MikMakMan
    No it's not.
  • Avatar for Woutsie
    is this dubstep?
  • Avatar for JohnnyBeans
    Sick of the standout tracks from the new album!
  • Avatar for darthdavil
    it's perfect.
  • Avatar for gabrieldeluxe

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