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seminal australian grunge, glam, goth merchants. core was songwriting duo goose and susie beauchamp. Formed from the ashes of seminal Sydney art-rock outfit, Madroom, with fellow members Patrick Kavanagh and Phillip Clifford and introducing drummer Rhino. Later drummers included Stuart Olsen, Rick Ferrara and John Murphy. Later disbanded sadly when singer goose tragically died aged 35.
Vocals - Goose
Violin - Susie Beauchamp
Guitar - Patrick Kavanagh/Paul Vedant
Bass - Phillip Clifford/Angela Chynoweth/Adrielle Spence
Saxophone - Patrick Kavanagh
Drums - Rhino/Chris/Stuart Olsen/John Murphy/Neal Merchant/Nathan Keating/Rick Ferrara
1987 Bloody Mary
1988 Punch Out that Loony Sappy Tune
1990 Murder Cycle
1993 Guide Dogs for the Spiritually Impaired

Formed from the ashes of Sydney group Madroom, Box the Jesuit went through a number of lineup changes and indie record labels between 1986 and their breakup in 1995. They released their debut EP Bloody Mary on Snoyd Records (released by then roadie Simon Grungehead financed via an inheritance) then later signed to Timberyard releasing Punch Out That Loony Sappy Tune & Murdercycle. They released the track 'Satan' on the Waste Sausage (Black eye) LP. They also played a few of the Black Eye Records showcases and were known to feature dance ensemble "The Butchered Babies" during some live performances.
"The 'Stark Raving Elvis Show', a huge annual event featuring a host of inner-city bands doing nothing but Elvis covers, starred (frontman from theatrically twisted noise merchants Box the Jesuit) Stephen "Goose" Gray as Elvis complete with Vegas jumpsuit and white limousine."
SMH Radar Blog - Posted by Jack/May 25, 2005

In January 1992 Box the Jesuit supported Nirvana at the inauguaral Big Day Out. They released one final CD 'Guide Dogs For The Spiritually Impaired' on their own Kosmik Ganda label. Sadly Goose died on 1 August 1993 following a long battle with lymphoma after it's release.

"He left this Earth to the sounds of Jimmy Webb's Wichita Lineman, as sung by Glen Campbell. As Stephen's casket left the church, the song seemed for a moment an absurd choice. But Goose was a complex sort of fellow who approached both life and music with equal parts black humour and sincerity. That he chose the song himself tells us that be both liked a joke and knew a stirring bit of music when he heard one."
SMH Radar Blog - Posted by Jack/May 25, 2005

Goose was an influence on and close friend of Tim Rogers, who dedicated You Am I's debut album "Sound as Ever" to him…
"Goose… championed the band when no one else would and gave us a lot of what we became, not least the deep belief that rock 'n' soul played from somewhere near the heart or pants could lift you out of anywhere."
Rogers recalls how Gray was the king of the compilation tape, "everything from Alice Cooper to Big Star, Lou Reed. Those tapes were some of the most valuble things I've ever recieved. Much of what I am today is because of what he passed along to me, what he stood for. I really needed it too, because I was trying to be really straight. Goose and Susie grabbed me and said 'you can give yourself to your art and not be a cocksucker'."
Tim Rogers/www.youami.net
From the album 'Guide Dogs for the Spiritually Impaired':

Well it's kind of been a while between drinks as they say, this albums been a long time coming, but with the benefit of hindsight I'd have it no other way. It took time for susie and I to find like-minded people to pursue our particularly bent ways of rock and roll without fear of the inevitable poverty. And it took time together to ferment like any good brew into something potent. Something us. As idiosyncratic as we Jesos always were but perhaps talking in a language we all felt more comfortable with. Something closer to the core, to why we fell in love with music. Some flak was copped for now sounding "too rock and roll", but in the words of our soul mate Tim Rogers "How can you be too rock and roll? That's like being too good looking!!!"

We'd heard friends tell of a strange species of engineer/producer that actually felt for the music, that worked (and drank!) amongst the band rather than against us. It was called a David Price and once we convinced him of the sincerity of our poverty we quickly became bretheren. It was a natural birth (oh…only a few drugs!) and boy did he deliver! We demanded death to digital, back to analog and the rediscovery of warmth/reality/feeling on tape. We put it down painfully 'live' with minimal overdubs, and perhaps for the first time it feels like Box the Jesuit on that disc.

Guidedogs for the spiritually impaired? Well, it's a pretty sad cosmos out there groovers, and in our own cheeky arrogance we want to lead you from the quagmire of soul-less uninspired musics circling the globe to open your ears and demand something more. When I hear Howlin' Wolf moanin' at midnight, let Keith's opening chord of 'Street Fighting Man' resound through a tired spine, or old Percy Plant finding Valhalla somewhere near his heart in 'Since I've Been Loving You' - that's what we've been striving for.
Ry Cooder called it "chicken skin music", you know goose bump material. You be the judge as to whether we even get close, but I tell you we tried and we'll keep on trying. And in the process we're having a lot of fun doing what comes naturally.

Cheers, Goose

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