• Bow Wow's "Underrated Tour" concert review - February 7th, 2012

    8 Feb 2012, 10:03 by RnB_001

    Last night, US rapper Bow Wow played in France for the 1st time. He's one of my favorite rappers and I love his albums so I wanted to see how well he performed during his concert. And I must say it was very brief. Here goes:

    The concert was supposed to start at 19:00. It started 40 minutes later with a 1st part. A DJ was playing for 10 minutes, and then, many rappers came onto the stage. They rapped for about 40 minutes, and they were unknown rappers. Nobody knew them or had heard about them. When they asked us to put our hands in the air, a few people did but nobody was really convinced. I hate 1st parts in concerts, unless they are very good, but this time, they weren't. I was bored and waiting for Bow Wow to perform.

    After the rappers had left the stage, the DJ said 20 minutes later that Bow Wow had arrived. And instead of welcoming him, he kept playing with his records for about 30 minutes.

    Only at 21:40 had Bow Wow appeared on the stage. And all the girls screamed and got closer to the stage.