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Bounte brings a compelling twist to electronic music. Elements of IDM, hip-hop, electro, jazz, pop, classical, and rock, combine for a range of sounds, from collage-like songs that groove easily, to inventive selections for listeners who long to dig deeper. Pulling from a well of unique inspiration, Bounte artfully brings new vision into this constantly changing genre.

Chicago producer Dean Dunakin is responsible for Bounte’s original noise. Dean began playing the trumpet at an early age, ensuring his sound would forever be rooted in clear notes of jazz and blues. Like most artists, though, Dean’s interests aren’t dormant in one realm of creativity. As the digital age began, the bleeps and clicks of the Apple IIe called to Dean, stirring his gift for hearing rhythm and bass where others only find noise. This fascination, along with a growing affinity for computers through a degree in digital painting, led to a natural adoption of the computer as his instrument of choice. Drawing from his classical and jazz training, and Chicago’s own rich musical history, Dean brings a unprecedented sophistication to electronic music, composing tracks that offer something different to every ear.

“Composing a great song is like creating a memory—capturing emotion in space and time.”
— Bounte

This music comes naturally to Dean. Feeling the rhythm and bass in his very bones, he arranges tracks that get the sound out into the world. In some cases melody and lyrics come first, but often it starts with a bass guitar line, or maybe a simple guitar or keyboard progression. Dean sometimes tosses samples into an arrangement on his computer and moves them around, like finger paint. He works these riffs and tracks broadly until he finds a satisfying groove, listening to it over and over and tweaking until it all falls into place.

Bounte debuted with the album, One, which was well-received in 2007. Featuring subtle layers, thick basslines, airy vocals, complex beats, and sophisticated synths, One offers a complex sound that listeners won’t soon forget. Soon, live/DJ sets and an internet distribution through Positron Records helped land Bounte on the local music scene, soon becoming popular with a world-wide audience. Following up with the aggressively beat-specific but delicately diverse EP Maximal, Bounte remains unrooted in any particular genre or time.

Bio by Marissa Yardley

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