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A Man I'll Never Be (6:32)


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  • This is a perfect 10. Every note.
  • Another perfect song from one of the best classic rock bands from the 70s-80s
  • Signature power ballad by Boston! Holds personal feelings for me, let alone it is a dynamic track!
  • energy
  • this track is by far the best track by Boston. Amazing
  • The only other song they did that was close to this was 'If you believe in me' from Third Stage!
  • :)
  • Masterpiece............1 of my top 10 songs of all time!!!!
  • Every man questions (or should) if he satisfies his role as a man...................................sigh
  • My favorite Boston song............................and I Loveeeeeeeeeeeee Boston!!!!
  • good lyrics and that guitar's....... unreal.....love it
  • Love.
  • God I love this song so much
  • Very good song! Love Boston - includes their signature sound with great lyrics!!!
  • I think this song speaks to the greater part of how we treat each other as people.
  • one of the best songs to ever be recorded
  • amazing song, awesome guitars (sorry, not quite "mtaf" level)
  • The best song they ever recorded
  • This one touches the very deepest core of our soul!!
  • best boston song ever
  • This song and 'Hitch A Ride' are very haunting tracks since Delp took his own life in '07. Were these songs pleas for help? Or just coincidence?
  • very good song
  • Their best song?? Quite possibly....
  • This brings back crazy memories. This is easily my favorite Boston song!
  • in my opinion this is pretty much their best tune.....
  • its all been said by everyone on this page
  • A fine, fine song. Tom Scholz poured his heart into this, Brad Delp sings it with a wounded soul, Barry Goodreau and the others added just the right amount of magic to it.
  • One of the best songs they did.
  • Such an amazing song! Probably my favorite from Boston.
  • I have to agree, this is the best song by Boston. I always loved this one.
  • seriously one of the best songs of Boston! I agree, the most underrated song!
  • The problem with enormously popular bands - sometimes the gems get lost in the shuffle.
  • Agree with alarson37, THE BEST underrated track of all time.
  • Classic L.P. What a rock ballad should sound like!!
  • cool tune
  • Hands down their most underrated track, a great song from beginning to end.
  • Brad Delp has some incredible vocals. He is sorely missed. RIP
  • very underrated ballad,R.I.P. Brad Delp
  • Best track they ever recorded R.I.P Brad
  • Boston, one great band!!!
  • What an awesome voice...Love this song.
  • Brad, my friend... Thank You!
  • This was a great band! I think it fit right in with things going on in my life at that time too!
  • Every song on this record is fantastic! "A Man I'll Never Be" is no exception, even though it does get overshadowed by some other tracks on the record. Nonetheless a masterpiece of a song!
  • Love this song! So powerful
  • These guitars, this voice, just GREAT!!!
  • One of the greatest bands ever was or ever will be again.
  • AMAZING song with AMAZING vocals as usual from Delp, he was truly one of the greatest vocalists to ever grace this planet.....he will be sorely missed =(
  • From the Artist page here on last.fm: On 9th March 2007, Brad Delp (vocals) committed suicide at his home in Atkinson, New Hampshire. He was 55.


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