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Bosch's With You was Dima T. Pilot solo project. Dima T. Pilot was frontman of Pilots Up In Smoke (the band play NIPPy-music, Noise Independent Psychedelic Punk). In 2004 Dima decide to record his own solo album. It is different from the music usually played by Pilots. It's rather ///. So, in 2004 Bosch's With You released their 1st album "BIRDS & FISHES" (3 tracks - 49 minutes). In the end of 2004 Bosch's With You began to play live gigs. In the 2005 Dima T. Pilot recorded second album - "Here Came the Day / Here Came the Night" (8 tracks on 2 cd's - 99 minutes). LATEST NEWS: New album called "Defamiliarisation". It was released in November 2006. BWY recording their 4th album now & side-project LIGHT UNDER WATER (guitar ambient).

Tragically, Dima's death was announced on 7 May 2009.

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