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  • Focusdefect

    this is pretty good, fuck pitchfork [x3]

    September 2012
  • jonwrightuk


    November 2010
  • Neurowaste

    This song is just fun to listen too and the rapper part in the lyrics is just so unexpected, great sense of originality.

    October 2010
  • cjour

    this is pretty good, fuck pitchfork [x2]

    May 2010
  • R-Mac

    go and help your grandfather, he's 77, and you're 11! hahah.

    May 2010
  • captainkunk

    i really like born ruffians but this song is boring [2]

    May 2010
  • YelloRandaofTX

    I think I like the Daytrotter one better than the album version. New one sounds so slow. :(

    May 2010
  • kszabina


    April 2010
  • clar_xo

    i love thiss

    March 2010
  • Ambergurr

    L-o-v-e it (: Can't wait for Say It to be released.

    March 2010
  • R-Mac

    this is pretty good, fuck pitchfork

    March 2010
  • buckeye05

    :\ .....i really like born ruffians but this song is boring

    March 2010
  • jkgerhat

    download here!! ____ http://media.daytrotter.com/audio/dt/born-ruffians-sole-brother.mp3 __ here is the description from Daytotter __ "Again a new song though this title will definitely stick. We were working on it in rehearsal and Steve had this melody in his head so I told him he should sing it. His words were all about wanting to be a soul brother, and many of his idols being rappers etc... My half of the song was about my mom nagging me to help my grandfather rake his leaves so I decided to have a transition from one into the other about how I'd like to be an only child and how I was bitter towards my sister because she never had to help do the hard chores. It only seemed logical to me to change soul to sole as a joke. Sole brother/only child."

    August 2009
  • apatheticFUU

    Did anyone notice they mention rappers in this song? I can hear Mitch saying "I know that Ghostface (dsjaldjas) sole brother!". And then I can make out him saying "Lil' Wayne", and "Jay-Z". Just felt like sharing that.

    June 2009
  • shakeen


    April 2009