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  • Mine too, but their website has them in Japanese, so it's kinda confusing.
  • Are all these titles in Japanese? Mine are in English :/
  • Does anybody know if lastfm registers japanese letters? (cause I've been changing my tags using the time and I hope it wasn't worthless...)
  • ahoooooooo!
  • Pink is the shit man!!!! what a great fucking album of drone!!!
  • krallara layık bir çalışma,its a work for kings
  • the song titles have changed yet again. I remember having tagged Afterburner as (painted with flame). As for the Japanese, naw.
  • I really enjoy the blotter paper inside the CD.. Bloody hilarious.
  • on the southern lord page, they have different song titles.
  • Boris Rocks! In my top of 2006 list
  • was the LP version supposed to come with a CD? mine contained a 5x5 envelope inside the record sleeve, but no CD
  • so much energy in this album!
  • boris - brilliant band, rather annoying song titles. im guessing everyone else is having the same problem i have...songs wont register on last.fm cus of the brackets.....


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