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  • Boondox is definitely the most talented artist on Psychopathic.
  • wicked shit! MMFWCL!
  • frederickallen, i really care what you think! ;_;
  • Krimson Creek is now not on the main albums WTF? That album is my shit.
  • WOOP WOOP Boondox...You fuckin rulez on Hatchet Attacks DVD
  • some people you can just look at and know "this guy had sex with a pig"
  • boodox is the fucking shit
  • I think that boodox is great.To my juggalo fam keep it wicked!!! Whoop Whoop M.C.L!!!
  • boondox is the shit most wicked juggalo eva
  • <3
  • what a scary mother fucker.
  • I think they're all supposed to be transsexual rednecks
  • so whats this one supposed to be? a transsexual redneck?
  • Im leanin all dese wiked skillz in dese corn feilds!
  • lolz you = suck
  • InBred Evil? are you serious.
  • Krimson Creek is a fucking wicked cd almost as good as his other 2! M.C.L
  • just got krimson creek in the mail saturday. i cant wait to listen to it.
  • reppin for them southern juggalos!
  • seen him live last night at the toxic terror tour and met the dude and got a sig. he looks weird without paint haha
  • Awesome guy.
  • Yeah, this is the good stuff. Boondox 4-ever.
  • the harvest is sweet, i just seen him live this past week. and i enjoyed it.
  • fuck his albums, he was weak, but now o_O just listen his songs on Psychopathic from outter space 3, he's fucking awesome !
  • Best new artist from Psychopathic in a while, o.o the harvest rox, sippin' has the biggest hook ever
  • Diggin' Myself Out is great
  • Its up to boondox to carry on the psychopathic WICKED SHIT, because ICp and twiztid aint gettin it done
  • His new album is available to order on hatchetgear today! Its called PunkinHed. And yes I did spell that right. For a free mp3 off of it, go explore Boondox's website.
  • Sucks
  • p.s. the cover to his album is awesom
  • Damn dude this guy has mad talent, Seven is fuckin hypnotizing! Can't wait to hear new shit from this guy. He has a great name, but a shit appearance, I mean, give this guy a scarecrow mask, it'd be a lot cooler, this make-up thing is GAY
  • whats it with psychopathic artists and intro tracks?
  • Great sounding artist! Juggalos do it again... never the same
  • twangy? country? WTFZZZZ
  • who the fuck put Country....
  • This cd is fuckin sweet


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