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  • Avatar for isitbeer30yet
  • Avatar for nogenepool
    Boom Bip's cousin is Beep Boop
  • Avatar for nogenepool
    all the do's and the don'ts all the will and the wont's.- BB
  • Avatar for Alec_Trevelyan
    I swear by Seed To Sun and Corymb.
  • Avatar for risc411
    New album is sweet !
  • Avatar for Yellowfield
    Finally some new work, excited :)
  • Avatar for Notjoeybloom
    zig zaj! how exciting!
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    New album in September!
  • Avatar for mattschaller
    He sampled a track from the video game Legend of Zelda for "Roads must roll."
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Just found this guy through [url=] this remix [/url] by Boards of Canada, amazing stuff.
  • Avatar for xezzy
    I remember when I first heard "rat tail" on some podcast... One of its kind, brilliant and yet not well known
  • Avatar for BoringArcade
    No matter what I still can't sleep Everywhere I still see ghosts
  • Avatar for concretica
    !!! 0||0 !!!
  • Avatar for truculenttyler
    boom bip rules!
  • Avatar for nathankhan1988
    you are sick!
  • Avatar for rekluz
    dude's underrated.... awesome shit.
  • Avatar for BoringArcade
    Four Tet meets BoC.
  • Avatar for Meloprint
    Do's And Don'ts is definitively my favorite track by Boom Bip... Keep It Up!
  • Avatar for nkh
    New remix of 'We Love To Shop' available from the Lex website is great!
  • Avatar for 3xotik
    i would like--> Lyrics :: Do's & Dont's Featuring Gruff Rhys =) plz ... and thk u !
  • Avatar for henrifernandez
    me too...
  • Avatar for Dr_MoonOrGun
    I keep forgetting how wonderful Boom Bip is, then I get to rediscover it every 4 or 5 months. Awesome.
  • Avatar for nerrdy
    The Matter <3
  • Avatar for tommygundrums
    His Idiot Pilot remix was pretty awful.
  • Avatar for slowdrumhum
    hey boom.. or bip? or anyone else for that matter... if you're here this applies to you.. im fairly confident youll like this... or just search for slow drum hum
  • Avatar for theofer
    I’ve recently come to the conclusion that Boom Bip is the best artist with the most foolish pseudonym.
  • Avatar for Gnac
    The beard in the current pic scares me
  • Avatar for Bronchitis
    The move and the M83 remix are my favorite tracks!
  • Avatar for trent576
    i love his music, i love neon neon, i love him hes so pretty <3
  • Avatar for shrinkwrapped
    @betamaxi (I love the whole boombip/clouded/doseone/jel/subtle/them/themselves collective.) - what, you mean Anticon?
  • Avatar for CygnusX-12
    Mmm... Circle... Mmm... Seed to Sun... Long time since I listened to anything hiphop-ish but I really liked Boom Bip in the good ol' days (the good ol'days being approximately 2,5 years ago). So long, sailor
  • Avatar for Isera
    what B1981 said
  • Avatar for betamaxi
    Honestly, I love the whole boombip/clouded/doseone/jel/subtle/them/themselves collective. is kinda long those lines, maybe a bit more shoegazish.
  • Avatar for djnonplus
    sacchrilege OWNS
  • Avatar for vihreakuolema
    this guy is the fucking shit
  • Avatar for TheOutabodies
    Seed to Sun is one of my faves.
  • Avatar for vihreakuolema
    vote on the new pic! it's time his pic changed!
  • Avatar for rekluz
    pretty ill
  • Avatar for ma-ufa
    kawał dobrej muzyki ;)
  • Avatar for vihreakuolema
    filthy awesome indeed!
  • Avatar for nachtaktiv
    sacchrilege ep kills it
  • Avatar for WTF108
    great tunes
  • Avatar for kazmashino
    hi, you may enjoy this electronic stuff Cheers.
  • Avatar for evilhomestereo
    more people need to listen to his new shit. it's fucking filthy awesome.
  • Avatar for B1981
    I can 't believe Do's & Dont's isn't higher on this list. Listen to it now!
  • Avatar for turnheron
    oh! a blast from the past. :)
  • Avatar for isotope43
    awesome discovery!!!
  • Avatar for Regnareb ? :D                  Buy it...
  • Avatar for sussiella
    does anyone know where to download??
  • Avatar for MoriokMusic
    Seed to Sun is pretty much amazing.


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