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    3 Mar 2010, 22:33 by Wildflower324

    "I now some day this all will be over, and it's hard to say what most will I miss. But give me a way to spend my last moment alive and I'd choose this, I'd choose this, I'D CHOOSE THIS."

    28.05.2006: Bon Jovi live @ Olympia Stadium, Munich
    my first show ever - went with my dad ;) great concert, great setlist: we got Dry County AND These Days!

    30.05.2006: Bon Jovi live @ Olympia World, Innsbruck (A)
    won tickets for that one, so I got to see 'em a second time ;) what Jon said to Richie that night on stage pretty much covers it: "You know I've done some crazy things with you, but playing in a blizzard in the middle of June!?"

    08.12.2006: The House Jacks live @ Spectaculum Mundi, Munich
    great a-capella pop/rock band from Amerrrica - got to go thank to a colleague of my dad

    25.05.2007: The House Jacks live @ Spectaculum Mundi, Munich
    yep, I tend to go see acts I really like again - and again and again...

  • top 5 by my top 10

    27 Aug 2008, 02:00 by thefuturist88

  • Dry Country / Bon Jovi

    17 Mar 2008, 14:19 by martini_00


    Artist : Bon Jovi
    Album : Keep The Faith
    Track : Dry County
  • Longest rock songs //Musicalistas//

    14 May 2007, 19:58 by mrm86

  • It's My Life!

    22 Jan 2007, 03:14 by sunako_

    Ok, for years I had been a huge Bon Jovi fan. I still am a fan of their older stuff, up till Crush, mostly, but I'm not as much a fan as I used to be. But as I got my CDs to listen to them a little I started to realize how their songs have been present in such a large part of my life, so I thought about making a little list with my 10 favorite songs by them. Again, is up till Crush. There's some nice songs in their latest works but I don't own these albums so I won't put them here.
    Many songs I really love I didn't put here so as not to make the list huge, but She Don't Know Me, Only Lonely, Bad Medicine, I'll Be There For You, Bed Of Roses, Hearts Breaking Even and It's My Life all own a special place in my heart. :)

    01. Wild Is The Wind
    This is amazing, has this solitude feeling to it. I just want a sunset to look at when I'm listening to it.

    01. In These Arms
    This is cool because of the beautiful lyrics and you can sense the feelings in the words.

    01. These Days
  • Unknown Genius

    21 Dec 2005, 08:28 by azmanian_devil

    I first came across Dry County, when i was browsing through videos for Bon Jovi, and i just saw it because i hadn't heard it before...even though i consider myself a huge Bon jovi buff and all...and i was totally blown away by what i heard.

    Dry County is an exemplary track from their come back album Keep The Faith, which managed to stay through the so-called Death Of Glam Rock during the age of Nirvana and Pearl Jam...etc...

    It combines Bon Jovi's amazing storytelling with a very powerful and intense music track, its a kind which Bon Jovi never played before and I don't think has ever played again. Ritchie's guitar solo is just through the roof. It's a must listen in any Bon Jovi's fan's list. It's also an ouststanding example of the quality of music Bon Jovi is capable of!

    Till then...Keep The Faith...Rock On \m/