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  • Avatar for Nitro43
    Why is this even a separate song? [4]
  • Avatar for lewwatt
    This song could have been a lot better, I'm not sure he really had the confidence to go all out here. It kind of just simmers away, never really boiling over - if this was 3 or 4 minutes it could have had time to develop.
  • Avatar for TylerSymes
    Is Justin saying something?
  • Avatar for SayNo2NWO
    Is this a real song or just a dumb percussion intro. Hey Iver don't quit your day job!
  • Avatar for raffy_rillo
    Listening to this after Creature Fear is amazing. Two songs meld into one.
  • Avatar for mathht
    the final 30 seconds of this song <3
  • Avatar for BethanyBetty
  • Avatar for danubao
    My winter wasn't so good, all warm and rainy, hardly any snow at all!:(
  • Avatar for lyricalmind89
    who da fuck is Bonny Bear
  • Avatar for vicpiazza
    why is this even a separate song? [3]
  • Avatar for Geetan
    so good.
  • Avatar for EdgeLike
    the perfect transition between creature fear and for emma.
  • Avatar for jmlear27
    wish this guy was around years before now.
  • Avatar for coffeewithmilks
    Bon Iver, tem me acalmado em meio esse caos.
  • Avatar for pasteluniverse1
    One of my favorites!! :)
  • Avatar for ExoM7
    best bon iver song
  • Avatar for Bub_Clifton
    Why is this even a separate song? [2]
  • Avatar for greatnecker
    Okay, I admit it...Bon Iver is a bit of an acquired taste for me...but I think I should get some credit for sticking with it...and learning to really appreciate the music...
  • Avatar for larzipanmars
    the best oneeeeeeeeee
  • Avatar for jacklamontagne
    justin vernon, you can do no wrong.
  • Avatar for cafelove
    Bon Iver is god (3)
  • Avatar for nicejcyass112
    Bon Iver is god [2]
  • Avatar for masked_mouse
    Why is this even a separate song?
  • Avatar for Bub_Clifton
    Creature Fear outro.
  • Avatar for Montageofbirds
    I love fucking this.
  • Avatar for williamaimi
    love it
  • Avatar for sunshinelover13
    I fucking love this.
  • Avatar for fatwang
    Bon Iver is god
  • Avatar for hfluffo
    Hmm is "Death of an Interior Decorator" the Death Cab song? Because I noticed the similarity too. Not sure if that's the song though.
  • Avatar for ChrisB616
    I hardly even realized it was its own song.
  • Avatar for MaritzaPie
    what a wonderful man.
  • Avatar for danubao
    so goood rite now as always
  • Avatar for miamigirlie
    lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ...
  • Avatar for aprmillymom
    welostcontrol: yes- very joy division
  • Avatar for claptheirhands
    should just be part of creature fear
  • Avatar for Desidirius
    @theanzie and @somatristessa is it the last song of Transatlantacism?
  • Avatar for seaowl
    I was so excited when I found out this is the end to creature fear, sooo lovely
  • Avatar for somatristessa
    @theanzie - yes, i thought of that the first time I heard the song. Not sure which death cab song though.
  • Avatar for welostcontrol
    team's bassline resembles joy division's the sound of music
  • Avatar for LieItsTheTruth
  • Avatar for iamawombat
    omg yes...but not sure which one
  • Avatar for theanzie
    Did anybody notice a similarity between Team's bassline and a deathcab song?
  • Avatar for sifelltneytandi
    Yeah, calling this "the weakest on the album" is sorta missing the point. If you were going to rank them 1-9 I can see putting this one last, I guess, but it's just part of the whole.
  • Avatar for motionpicture
    Haha, you can't exactly call it a 'great song'. It's just the end of Creature Fear, or a reprise or whatever. I was going to say maybe he needed 9 tracks so his label would class it as an EP rather than an album but duh, it was self-released. Maybe he only thought it up after Creature Fear and didn't feel like it belonged on the end of that track.
  • Avatar for Ashluke
    Maybe the weakest of the album but still a great great song!
  • Avatar for Timmahlicious
    I love songs with whistling (this one included), but you guys can't whistle-- haha!

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