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  • Avatar for Beast-Robot
    Nice with headphones, so is this one,
  • Avatar for Mikez723
    Forget the indie/not indie argument. Listen to the soul Vernon puts in all of his songs. Something we can't afford to lose today in music.
  • Avatar for flagran12
    Why can't you win a Grammy and be indie????
  • Avatar for CanDenizH
    what can i say? he is Bon Iver :D
  • Avatar for dingo8yobebe
  • Avatar for mumbz
    sooo good
  • Avatar for aviations
    Dios mio, man. Daytrotter version anyone? Shit.
  • Avatar for Crabroast22
    "Not really indie if he's won a grammy LOL" Being obsecure isn't what indie means. It's to be an individual. To be unique and to push boundries in music. That's what tears it apart from other genres.
  • Avatar for thirdeyeddoe
    walking through a snow dusted portland with this playing in my head phones. nothing better.
  • Avatar for Shrien
    Best of Bon Iver.
  • Avatar for BozekVooDoo
  • Avatar for franbonham
    inspiring young fellow, proving what nearly kills u makes u stronger. Beautiful dreamy song, Good work!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for dorkula02
    Bonny bear
  • Avatar for h3lovenote
    this song is what dreams sound like. [11]
  • Avatar for Just_Moe
    Still remember the second Lump Sum started back when I first listened to For Emma - it was love at first sound :)
  • Avatar for hellodenise
    this song is what dreams sound like. [10]
  • Avatar for forealzies
    Not really indie if he's won a grammy LOL
  • Avatar for MygiantAGJ
    Love that he won all those awards, yet people still don't know him. "who is Bonny Bear? What's with his beard?" :-p
  • Avatar for everette0704
    Dreams like this sound.
  • Avatar for skymarlene
    this guy...<3
  • Avatar for pasteluniverse1
    this song is what dreams sound like. [9]
  • Avatar for OhBabyy13
    SOooo Excited for December 12th (((:
  • Avatar for Kjartania
    this song is what dreams sound like. [8]
  • Avatar for melloboros
    I hate the fact that it took me more than one listen to like this song.
  • Avatar for MrTaurus
  • Avatar for luna912
    Perfect for my rainy days in a winterless Florida...
  • Avatar for Shichman
    incredible music
  • Avatar for bobbDUKE
    I saw them at Sasquatch a few years back. Probably the best live show I have ever seen, it was an abbreviated set due to some technical issues at the start but the artist had the crowd in the palm of his hand. Magnificent.
  • Avatar for MJ13MJ
    this song is what dreams sound like. [7]
  • Avatar for shelbstaaa
    He always, ALWAYS gives me the chills :-D
  • Avatar for quartzdragon84
    About time people around the world find out what I've been listening to for years...Eau Claire has been lucky to have this guy bring our music to the people.
  • Avatar for Amanda53189
    I've heard so much about Bon Iver. Finally I get a listen.
  • Avatar for JamminJB5
    When I go to the bank, I ask for a lump sum of this.
  • Avatar for KaylaClarke
    sold my red horse for a venture home
  • Avatar for Bub_Clifton
    this song is what dreams sound like. [6]
  • Avatar for transparentman
    this is the sounds right before I reach heaven
  • Avatar for Survulus
    Little bit of post-rocky goodness bubbling under the surface there... what a tune.
  • Avatar for Cantee
    Very ambient and spacy. The sound is just so unique. I love it.
  • Avatar for seasick_dreams
    this song is what dreams sound like. [5]
  • Avatar for Zealant
    Only two people have called this song 'otherworldly,' and while I listen to a lot of things I'm sure you would disapprove of (like I care), Damien Rice isn't one of them, so I guess you can eat shit if you don't like my choice of adjective.
  • Avatar for ElizabethMaryJo
    Bon Iver are in a league of their own.
  • Avatar for karlkandinsky
  • Avatar for therhapsody
    bestbestbestbeeeesssssttttttt <3
  • Avatar for make_xxxx
    Warm weather doesn't suite this music. Good thing it's winter ;)
  • Avatar for vintageagnes
    i recall listening to this album on loop for weeks, taking a short break, and the for weeks again. ALL recorded in a cabin in the wilds of Wisconsin. Amazing.
  • Avatar for saikikmeds
    cool windy snowdrift like
  • Avatar for frivolousname
    in Vernon is indeed a creative songwriter but if one more person calls his stuff "otherworldly" I will puke. Leave those empty tags for the rest of the generic coffee house music you listen to, aka Damien R [2]
  • Avatar for MaxFreakinSucks
    bon iver takes the stress of finals away :) [2] <--- relevant. Studying right now.
  • Avatar for hartlage
    yes, yes he does
  • Avatar for gigags0212
    bon iver takes the stress of finals away :)


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