• Deuriemikke 2009 shows Player 23 message in action

    4 Sep 2009, 23:54 by IlvaPie

    By: Ilva Pieterse

    That long-awaited sense of spring hit me like a bass drum on the N4 as I headed into Hatfield, Pretoria. From the highway, I caught my first glimpse of the annual Jacaranda 94.2 Deuriemikke Karnaval and the swelling crowd on Tukkies' LC de Villiers sports grounds.

    Just after 2.30pm on Saturday, 29 August 2009, I pulled in to park at which was to be my first time large-scale music event, with very little preconceived ideas or notions. What I certainly did not expect, though, was the enormity of the crowd and the incredible support music has in this country.

    Fans of all ages

    Since 11am, fans from all ages had been turning up in support of their favourite musical performers. Multicoloured wigs, mad hats and fancy face-paint decorated the droves - it was almost like looking through a kaleidoscope or being at the circus, especially with the smell of spookasem and mini-doughnuts in the air.