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Born in 1969 in Detroit MI, Bogart Robinson was laid off in 2008 as a Chrysler factory worker. Robinson returned to a long time hobby of making music. Not knowing if he would ever be called back to work, Bogart, a self taught pianist, keyboard player and composer releases his first CD “The Rise” in June of 2008 on the Jammar Records label. “Seven Pounds” the demo single rejected by Columbia Pictures for the movie is Bogart’s second release in December of 2008. After the loss of his nephew and step-daughter's father, a song written by Bogart called “If I Could See U Again” would become his third instrumental release in May of 2009 on the Jammar label. Returning to complete a unfinished project with the in-house band for his record label, aka ‘The Manor St. Hustlers’, would come the single '18th Street Shuffle'. In April of 2010 Bogart teams up with Detroit underground rapper Michael ‘Magnetic’ Proof aka ‘The Ghost' to create a song for the Iron Man 2 movie entitled 'Iron Man Here He Comes'. A poem entitled 'Right Here With U' written for Bogart's wife is released as a single in July of 2010.
Scheduled for release in August of 2010 is the Breathe album by Bogart Robinson.

People have asked me, what does the music means to me It hard to explain but I’ll tell you this I am nothing but a factory worker; I make my living producing automobile parts However when I’m on that line, up on that platform something comes over me , I zone out and I really don’t realize how fast or slow time is passing And what you hear is what going through my mind I’ll grab a tag off a rack of parts flip it over and start to write in between loading parts Hoping the line will go down for a minute or 2 Anything can trigger it at anytime of the day or night no matter where I am Something I see, something I hear, something said by another person But once it starts in my mind it won’t stop, it will repeat over and over again, If I try to ignore it, I can’t sleep at night. I have to get up go down into the basement and put it down I don’t think other people around me even know when it’s happening to me But back to the question I don’t know if the music means something to me or it’s a part of me but what a hobby to have, a true blessing from GOD

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