• The Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection vol. 1

    8 Feb 2007, 15:20 by InFunkWeTrust

    Masterpiece presents: The Ultimate Italian Disco Funk Collection vol. 1

    At PTG Records we noticed that there are several really searched disco funk 12 inches from Italy which have not been released on CD yet. This project made us very enthusiastic, and therefore we started to release this first volume of our new compilation series!
    Just a selection of a couple of tracks of this compilation: What to think of ‘The Armed Gang’. The original album is hard to find, but this 12 inch ‘Love Shot’ (not on the album) released on Musix is even more rare. In the track ‘Trance – Hang on it’ you can easily recognize the great vocals of Orlando Johnson (of which we also released the album ‘Turn the music on’). Other great tracks are ‘George Aaron – Silly reason’ and the heavily searched ‘Korja – My mind’ and ‘Metropole – Miss Manhattan’.
    For the vinyl lovers we have some good news as well; we will release a couple of the tracks of this compilation on 12 inch! We will do that on our new label ‘2 on 1’…