• Since all the Hip and Happenin' Kids Are Doing It, Negative Comments Bout Mah Top 20

    25 May 2008, 15:11 by PMSingGremlin

    And I won't pussy out like all you fag scene kids!

    The World/Inferno Friendship Society: A bunch of really old drag queens who essentially capture everything gay about cabarets and punk music and somehow mesh the two into what could only be described as musical diarrhea, because the longer you listen to World/Inferno, the more disgusted and agitated you become.

    Frank Zappa: You recorded every goddamn fart you ever expelled and expect us to buy a 3 disc set of it for 40+ dollars, and holy FUCK, people ACTUALLY DO IT. And to think that he supposedly stood AGAINST profiting off of stupid people!

    The Residents: The epitome of "shit for the sake of shit" music. You actually expect your fans to buy CDs worth of music that you realized was so awful that you abandoned work on them? How has this band been around for 30+ years?

    Butthole Surfers: They're called the Butthole Surfers. I honestly don't think I could possibly make them sound any worse than that.