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  • Avatar for VenSorenico
    Удивили, удалая находка за последнее время
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  • Avatar for FofinhoX
    Charlatan's Web - 10/10 It's perfect all the way trough.
  • Avatar for FofinhoX
    All the previews from the new album "Charlatan's Web"
  • Avatar for the_enemy73
    What Was It Like? <3
  • Avatar for KosTeT72RUS
  • Avatar for zaakjes_
    Sellooouut! \m/
  • Avatar for Sofia_ZARAZA
    Not nu metal anymore, they are more Hard Rock/Alt metal now... BMWMG is so damn awesome ;D ;D
  • Avatar for rok2slayr
    AFN is great.
  • Avatar for veryillogical
    Last Album: Super Intro then Chemical Valley and Bury Me With My Guns super kick ass songs very very good ^^ But the rest of the album has not so much power like these two songs. I like this band I Still Believe from the Tales From Dirt Town Album is my favorite but the whole albums of Bobaflex are only good not very my opinion
  • Avatar for CrybKeeper
    Check out the behind the scenes movie, for making of the music video "Chemical Valley". It's freaking raw, heavy duty, hell yeah, metal in your face, awesome!
  • Avatar for CrybKeeper
    @ veryillogical: Whaaaa? Many bands will start a show on a high and gear down towards the end of the night - it sets a mood and usually follows the mood of the crowd. I watched these guys live at Alrosa Villa, Columbus, OH and they kicked major a**!
  • Avatar for rocknrosezine
    Rock & Rose has reviewed the new album 'Hell In My Heart'. Head over to and take a look.
  • Avatar for veryillogical
    The problem with Bobaflex is, they start with power with heavy songs but at the end the energy is walk out the door.
  • Avatar for lk_clip
    Nice new album, but still nothing special
  • Avatar for MancubusZero
    Thrash Magazine posted an interview with Bobaflex, you can check it out here: Let us know what you think.
  • Avatar for kevincoyne
    why must you use an old photo?
  • Avatar for FofinhoX
    New album is awesome. The Chemical Valley Ep's songs are back, with other awesome tracks.
  • Avatar for SmackGyver
    Rapcore? Nu Metal? I don't get it.
  • Avatar for revolution_II
    wats gigantour? anyone?
  • Avatar for Moyjgc
    i heard the gigantour album and my jaw dropped at how good this band is
  • Avatar for BigBlueTJ
    they've played in my area atleast 3 times the past 2 years, i caught them the 3rd time and regretted not seeing the other earlier shows
  • Avatar for BIGSTEVE00
    Best band ever. I've seen them 7 times and they never get old. going to see them at the swanky goat this saturday. I can't wait.
  • Avatar for bunni3burn
    One of my top favorite bands. Saw them live 5ish years ago. Fell in love with them. They put on a phenomenal live show. Go see them live if you get the chance.
  • Avatar for bazinko
    Primitive Epic is indeed the best. I also like Tales From Dirt Town, but Apologize For Nothing has yet to intrigue me.
  • Avatar for NoSUMMR4U
    never underestimate the heart of the desperate
  • Avatar for vo_danilo
    Excuse me. Listen:
  • Avatar for Gweetarustin
    These guys are really out of my taste, but I still think they're pretty damn good.
  • Avatar for Megadieftw
    Loving Born Again!
  • Avatar for lk_clip
    new EP is very sunny. Can't find anopther word to express it :D
  • Avatar for koxy911
    I just found this group today on youtube and I really liked their music. They are awesome!
  • Avatar for Syntaxcore
    good band, with strange vocals)
  • Avatar for SirDukeofFarts
    I saw them a while ago. Pretty lame.
  • Avatar for FrederickDurst
    stupid name but they are okay live they remind me of the biz to the kit
  • Avatar for Bengal_Chris
    Ive met these guys many times, There actually from Point Pleasent WV which is like 30 min from where I live. There really cool guys, If you get the chance to see them do it. They put on a good show
  • Avatar for Lushotology
    stop saying they suck. they just take some getting used to... their sound is really unique, i think :D also, i remember when you guys were a local band. my boyfriend went to see you at the Monkey Bar, i think, when it was still open ^.^
  • Avatar for Shikayama
    yeah, telling your opinion makes your penis bigger and bigger
  • Avatar for cheesesoda
    Because having an opinion is fine as long as it isn't negative, right?
  • Avatar for Shikayama
    it is like the gayest thing ever to leave comments on pages complaining about artists. how smallcocked can you be, seriously?
  • Avatar for Derpinguin44
  • Avatar for cheesesoda
    Hey, I think I have heard these guys before. Oh, wait, nope... that was every other post-grunge band that sounds EXACTLY THE SAME.
  • Avatar for theisbj
    The comments that BTBAM made about this shitty band, on the Colors DVD, was obviously a joke. Tommy was mocking the poster he had in the trailer.
  • Avatar for nikkiflav
    Home is the only song I like.
  • Avatar for aalanc87
    no wonder between the buried and me sucks now haha i tryed to give this band a chance but i cant stand it..
  • Avatar for CyanideSandwich
    This band is the second lamest band ever.
  • Avatar for PowerOfRock
    Rescue You is the best song!
  • Avatar for Sportsnut
  • Avatar for kevincoyne
    this band aint rapcore, and they do fall into the "nu metal" category. i see them more as just another decent hard rock band. Tales From Dirt Town is a very good record. if you heard them prior to the release of Dirt Town, and didnt like them, give them another chance, by checking out the latest album. You will see they have grown as musicians and songwriters.
  • Avatar for Squallspfc
    Gringos fdp *-*
  • Avatar for HeavenlyFury
    this group has a song called "Rescue you" could someone tell me where I can find it on the net


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