• The Misfits, The Jolts, Haddonfield

    14 Nov 2009, 20:44 by createaworld

    Last Wednesday night I went down to Element, which is a local night club here in Victoria, to see The Misfits , The Jolts , and Haddonfield play. I'm a huge fan of Danzig era Misfits, and not so much the new "Jerry Only Experience" Misfits and my friend aptly named them, but I was looking forward to this show regardless.
    First on were Haddonfield who are a local Victoria, BC phsycobilly band, and were a good fit as an opener for the Misfits. They all painted their faces to look like Zombies in the spirit of things, and all in all put on a good show. I couldn't tell you anything about any particular songs of their own that they played, but they did play extremely fast covers of Sweet Dreams and I Shot The Sherriff . I've seen them play a couple of times around town, and they always put on a good show.
    The Jolts, a punk band from Vancouver, BC were on next. From beginning to end they played with Ramones-esq intensity. I had never heard them or of them before this show and…