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  • Avatar for perfektionismus
    The spirit of "the New World". Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival. They all did it. All those who came to North (and South) America from elsewhere, way back when in the beginning, by force or voluntarily. Pioneer spirit is still alive now. Not giving up. That is 1 good thing about America.
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  • Avatar for EssexNightClubs
    Love it :)
  • Avatar for lammasabacthani
    its from the earth ........everyone i love, loves this
  • Avatar for TheGhostMutt
  • Avatar for JuttaE
    ⓞn€-Լ☮Ɣ€ 💗 ツ
  • Avatar for lynnest
  • Avatar for ericshep
    my ancestors fought along side the buffalo soldiers!!!!
  • Avatar for n_seleoane
    Euphoria in a chilled way
  • Avatar for gtgalkristos1
    Im a true Buffalo soldier...
  • Avatar for bsbo
  • Avatar for abunono
    The affair Lance Armstrong has another dirty chapter: his former teammate Tyler Hamilton raises serious allegations against the fallen Radstar. Armstrong for doping was commonplace, "such as oxygen or gravity."
  • Avatar for abunono
    Torturar a un animal no es una broma, porque se pudo cargar.
  • Avatar for swaylock12
    relaxed and smoking away
  • Avatar for BlueOclock
  • Avatar for lzcool
    Som para lavar a alma.
  • Avatar for AvianCrowd0
    Ah, A Legend, Yes one of the BEST .... Just AXE ME....
  • Avatar for Bubko333
    looovee it
  • Avatar for rikrijean
    THANKS ARMIN,.,.,.,.
  • Avatar for NitaD1
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    in two words - Marley = Legend !
  • Avatar for Oppressotron
    It's the crowning day of the Rastafari Messiah! Raise thy chalices!
  • Avatar for bandit121972
    Pure Marley....never forget what You give to the World....Peace ....
  • Avatar for daveandi
    no comparison, there can only be one....
  • Avatar for vivacubalibre
    Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
  • Avatar for NitaD1
    A fave reggae it
  • Avatar for MLGMountain94
  • Avatar for lioness28213
    a man with wisdom beyond his years, but right on time. his songs ring true today. Nesta was a beautiful artist with a soul to match...
  • Avatar for StarfishSeastar
    yes i love BOB!!!
  • Avatar for silverfoxfang
    relaxing yet funky ^^
  • Avatar for aniolmuzyki
    It's beautiful when I smoke and listen Bob'y
  • Avatar for Rrasta
    One love Bless for Dreadlock Rasta .. <3
  • Avatar for partymice
    oldy but a goody. makes me feel like i'm in Caribbean
  • Avatar for no-good-rudie
    Marley magic...what a legend..can't beat it..jah bless peace and love.
  • Avatar for bommimit
    twelve points from germany !
  • Avatar for shedonist
  • Avatar for duduye
    kkkkkk,not yet
  • Avatar for TuneBlendR
    The troops from the Toronto regiment are called the "Buffalos".
  • Avatar for woodsman50
    Just want to dance
  • Avatar for Neon_Spadezzz
    I LOVE this song!! Every time I listen to it, I think of the Chocobo song from FFX! LOLOL!!!!
  • Avatar for chocolava
    how to i just LISTEN to the music?????!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for TschanFarang
    ...Great HumanBeeing;Great Music! so-at least;his Spirit is still alive!
  • Avatar for Debz45
    great song
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song..
  • Avatar for DreaD_NegasT
    i love this song
  • Avatar for Tom_Pullings
    Legend is aptly titled. Every song speaks to the heart.
  • Avatar for SexyTrollieDog
    Such a shame that he had to die.
  • Avatar for joshlanjaron
    me new on yah
  • Avatar for ijahmanrasta
    milujem Boba marleyho
  • Avatar for CDPETE01
    If I had learnt to sing this song by the time i was 4 I'd have been very clever and rich as it was at least ten years before Bob recorded it.But stopping being silly I listened to this first when it came out in the early 80s after Bob had passed,its a great song.


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