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  • Avatar for Lord_Kur
    This is one of Dylan's best songs. There, I said it
  • Avatar for JohnnyMath
    My funeral song
  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    Orteza, continued: "But just who is St. Catherine? It depends. There are at least six by that name in the Catholic Church alone. My guess is St. Catherine of Alexandria, about whom the Catholic Encyclopedia says, 'far from forsaking her Faith, effected so many conversions, [and] was condemned to die on the wheel, but, at her touch, this instrument of torture was miraculously destroyed.' I mean, if this wheel was destroyed because it was on fire...."
  • Avatar for TheUselessGolem
    Arsenio Orteza: "Speaking of Oh Mercy, this simple piano-and-eerie-organ hymn distills that album’s ghost-whispering-into-the-night gestalt at least as potently as “What Good Am I” (the acknowledged tour-de-force of his current Duke Robillard tour). Addressed to “ye heathen” (like Infidels?) and alluding to the “bride” (the term for the Church in Dylan’s favorite biblical book, Revelation) for the first time since “The Groom’s Still Waiting at the Altar” eight years earlier, the song urges quasimodos everywhere to get over the hump and sound the alarm. “Sacred cow[s],” widows, orphans, lilies arrayed finer than Solomon, “sweet Martha” (who, unlike her sister Mary, “was worried and upset about many things” [Luke 10]), sheep in need of a Shepherd, the “chosen few,” a God who is one--biblical archetypes abound."
  • Avatar for TheGreatChupon
    THIS is why Bob Dylan is my favorite singer.
  • Avatar for TheGreatChupon
    One of the most achingly beautiful things I've heard this man commit to vinyl. It feels good to find a top ten, top fifteen song thirty years into his career!
  • Avatar for ralfsu
    Ring them bells, ye heathen, from the city that dreams, ring them bells from the sanctuaries ’cross the valleys and streams - for they’re deep and they’re wide and the world’s on its side.
  • Avatar for godonnygo
    I like the spare arrangement with just a piano and great emotion in his delivery. That brief, dramatic pause: "Ring them bells...for the blind and the deaf" is powerful. The Supper Club performance is good as well, from a time when Dylan could still cut it live.
  • Avatar for tomorrowsparty
    The Tell Tale Signs version is KILLER. The original is very good too.
  • Avatar for Lord_Kur
    I prefer the studio version because it's a lot darker and more haunting. Both are great, though
  • Avatar for WLDB
    I also prefer the TTS version. Oh Mercy is one of my favourite Dylan albums, but it has that swampy Daniel Lanois sound like Time out of Mind.
  • Avatar for captain-ini
    Agree that the live version on Tell Tale Signs is more expressive. I even like the way some dude in the audience keeps shouting "yeah!"..
  • Avatar for MagicalMalik
    Amazing song.
  • Avatar for Shogo36
    I love the live version from TTS, the guitar is amazing and Dylan's voice is even more powerful.
  • Avatar for gorillaemperor
    If you are listening to this on Tell Tale Signs I encourage you to go and get Oh Mercy and listen to that version too. They're both great, but the album version is really stunning.
  • Avatar for Ogre
    It was played at my step dads furneral... now make me cry.
  • Avatar for LoulouLeMarlou
  • Avatar for Galinor
    Nice song. :)
  • Avatar for currra
  • Avatar for monsterpussy
    so good.
  • Avatar for the-beatnicker
    Ring, klockor ring..

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