• A Fool Such As I?

    2. Sep. 2007, 19:51 von rubbergenius

    One of the great arguments among musos is that of "the canon" - those albums that represent the pinnacle of an artist's career, or the high watermark of a genre. For Bob Dylan it's usually the albums from The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan through to Blonde on Blonde and then chuck in Blood on the Tracks. It's a worthy set of long players, each of which is peerless of course.

    But then what if your own tastes veer wildly from these established standard-bearers? Such a dichotomy presents itself at the moment; as such, I can't get enough of Dylan's "runts".

    I've been playing three Dylan albums religiously over the past few weeks. The first is New Morning, of which most would say "fair enough". It's not a bad album by any means, but it's no Blonde on Blonde.

    AMG rates New Morning 4.5/5 and calls it "a charming, endearing record", and I'd agree whole-heartedly; it's one of the best 'Saturday morning' records out there (along with it's older brother and forbearer Nashville Skyline)…