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"Love and Theft"
Bob Dylan

"Love and Theft"



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  • There are no qualifiers needed when proclaiming the quality of this album. No need for "of his later period," "since Desire," "of the last 20 years," etc. This is a great record that's as good as anything he ever recorded at any point in his career. It's absolutely terrific from a musical/arrangement perspective, with early Rock & Roll, Blues, Country, Folk, Tin Pan Alley and Jazz all coming together to form a record that is really timeless. Like the best work of The Band, this album doesn't sound of its time or of any other time. The lyrics are the best he'd written in many years, it's one of the best vocal performances of his career, the production is fantastic and, as I mentioned, the arrangements and the playing from the band and Bob are terrific. This, John Wesley Harding and Blood on the Tracks are my three favorite Dylan albums, and this is one of the absolute best albums of the twenty-first century.
  • Great album, and THIS is the correct tag for it, not Love & Theft, not Love and Theft, and not “Love And Theft”.
  • Hmmm, an interesting album to say the least, the uptempo arrangements are infectious, it's tonally even, his singing doesn't get drowned by the awesome band (which I think plagues TOoM a bit) and he does a great job evoking that desolate prairie-ish setting that exhumes ancient warmth, and at some points it even feels very Southern gothic; like a Faulkner novel perhaps. Love the extensive use of dialogue too.
  • Actually enjoy this more than Time Out Of Mind. One of Dylan's best.
  • makes me euphoric!
  • I like this because it rocks.
  • Why the title of this album in inverted commas?
  • And it certainly does not help that this album is listed as three albums with slightly different spelling of the title.
  • I think people have screwed up a lot of the songs on here on last.fm, they show up as being on albums such as Bob Dylan: The Collection and Dylan rather than being on this album.
  • Why is this album so underrated? Moonlight and Po'Boy are great songs, but I can hardly see anything in the shoutboxes for this album.

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