• Blut aus Nord - What Once Was... Liber II

    8. Aug. 2012, 14:01 von Disfigurator

    What once was indeed...

    First album I experienced from Blut aus Nord was Odinist: The Destruction Of Reason By Illumination. What a weird and pleasurable ride it was! Captured in a synth based openers and closers was the gem of mid-paced Black Metal aesthetics, presented in a very distinct manner. That was a great release to throw in a CD player at night.

    I remember one of the finest exposures to BAN – I played some Horror games on PS2 and then got bored. It was my vacation and I decided to jump on my MTB and ride to Sigulda – a small town about 50km NE from Riga. So I did. Put some IEMs in my ears, pumped up Ultima Thulée and was blown away by the abstraction and variety of things going on the soundstage. Everything was moving, altering and enveloped in a fucking brilliant Black Metal formula, accompanied by great synthwork! I loved it especially while enjoying the album upon my return from the pitch-black roadside to the lights of the Riga, which zoomed in from the distance as I advanced. …
  • Review: Blut Aus Nord - Ultima Thulée

    20. Feb. 2011, 2:02 von Spudford

    Ultima Thulée
    Rating: 4.75/5

    Blut aus Nord are an enigma in the realms of Black Metal (if you need convincing of this, you need simply to check out their mind boggling web site), and the avant-garde offering of their debut album Ultima Thulée cemented that air from the very beginning in a manner that has not been effectively emulated since.

    After the musical and thematic ideas have been cemented in place by album opener "The Son of Hoarfrost", a slightly disconcerting keyboard sections opens "The Plain of Ida", very melancholic and cold, it gives the feeling of standing alone on an icy plain under a clear sky and rising sun. Then the listener is treated to an almost funeral dirge as a wall of crushing guitars herald a roll of thunder and darkened skies. The viciously harsh shrieks of Vindsval provide a feeling of terror at being trapped in this expansive prison, and the interplay between these forlorn cries, the icy guitars and astral keys weave through the track, giving it a feeling of an epic journey. …