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The Universal (4:00)

britpop · 90s · british · indie · rock


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  • I like the video a lot, with that Clockwork Orange style.
  • Best use of "really, really, really" in a song, ever.
  • Beautiful.
  • There was me, that is Damon, and my three droogs, that is Graham, Alex, and Dave.
  • One of Blur's best! Such a beautiful and inspiring tune.
  • <3
  • This song is 20 years old ;o)
  • brilliant tune
  • <3
  • just let them go...
  • Probably the best song I've ever heard.
  • It's a shame that Damon hates this.
  • my favourite blur song. it is amaaazinq~
  • lovely song
  • A Clockwork Orange inspired song, not just music video. Hence the classical sounding bit.
  • cant listen to this song without thinking about giant headed people living on tiny planets with broken boilers
  • This is really really really not Blur
  • Great song
  • Universally excellent!
  • so fuckin' soft ! love this !!
  • Great song but should not of been the follow up single to Country House.
  • This is my favourite ever! I simply love every second of this song. :)
  • My favourite forever!
  • One of those songs I always feel like singing like it was the end of the world, even after all these years... Just brilliant!
  • Thanks for the song :-) Liisa :-)
  • I had my real first french kiss on this track.... I love this song =)
  • so vh1 [2]
  • Less likely to have been sanctioned by the band and more likely by EMI. I might be biased, but apart from Alex, I don't think the band would be that keen to let it be used the way it has.
  • Ruined by British Gas.
  • Used in a British Gas advert, Blur must have serviced a few boilers in their time.
  • When the days they seem to fall through you, well, just LET THEM GO!
  • fuck you BG
  • Best blur song. And a clockwork orange inspired music video, whats not to like?
  • Been hijacked by British f*****g Gas and their interminable adverts, but heard like this in isolation, you can remember what a glorious tune this really is. Note to Damon: don't give any more songs to awful polo-neck advertising types.
  • Bought this on cassette in 1995. I think it used on a commerical advert which kind of spoils it...
  • But could it really happen?
  • Ace in its aceness
  • so vh1
  • lOve.
  • so nostalgic <3
  • Love it.
  • My favourite blur song, next too for tomorrow. <3
  • its a grower
  • Bladrin, at least it's not Suggs shilling fish fingers to the tune of Our House,
  • Great cover, but I do still prefer the British Gas Band orginal version if i'm honest...
  • Beautiful...
  • Oh, blur.
  • I was there. I saw how we made him cry. Amazing.


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