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  • Avatar for Ariues
    all the alternative bands they play on beatles radio are boring british bands:(. dont you know its no good american grunge on this station smh
  • Avatar for flexi93
    I just slip away and now I am gone
  • Avatar for ash_4p
    Might be the best opening track ever. Dat riff.
  • Avatar for borgy
    piss on, piss on it.
  • Avatar for TantoTempo
    Alex James is a cheese fuck.
  • Avatar for irosenne
    This song is simply amazingg! And I love Graham's back vocals
  • Avatar for Special_Kate_
  • Avatar for valplayer
    tres bon groupe
  • Avatar for anarxoaplytos
    wak wak wak wak how do you call that thing in the intro maan
  • Avatar for CheezyNoodles
    This song is so . . . wow :)
  • Avatar for MusicLoars
    .their best (with tender and sing)
  • Avatar for lwills84
    Death train
  • Avatar for Invincible638
    I just slip away and I am gone
  • Avatar for PabloRH
    He's on, he's on...heroin D:
  • Avatar for akauser
    Yes, it's a mighty fine beginning to a song, and a great ending as well.
  • Avatar for ferngesteuert
    the beginning. the fucking bloody beginning.
  • Avatar for jorjun
    The best
  • Avatar for QuED_X
  • Avatar for corky64
    Still great....<3
  • Avatar for johnkolsun
    Perhaps my favorite track of all time!
  • Avatar for PrettyStar
    i love this song,i love drugs
  • Avatar for mranto89
  • Avatar for elzombiemex
    Drugs are badddd....
  • Avatar for LUFCchick
    Ahhh Damon :.) a good looking genius !
  • Avatar for santizo
    perfect : D
  • Avatar for js407
    french spanish kiss Sandra
  • Avatar for SigningOut
    Many a teenage wet dream with this video. [2]
  • Avatar for eclecticzombie
    i'm melting!!!
  • Avatar for MrPhew
    love it!
  • Avatar for puppyhand
    Heroin... what you done...
  • Avatar for albumdeblur13
    everything about this song is perfect
  • Avatar for flapy5
  • Avatar for jorjun
    One of my favezest
  • Avatar for corky64
  • Avatar for TSHelliot
    Many a teenage wet dream with this video.
  • Avatar for placebo_molko
    at the beggining the voice seems like.. the timing is wrong or something.
  • Avatar for organicsamurai
    i'm gettin nothing done when this song is on
  • Avatar for shadowz_
    their best song! <3 i love this song! [6]
  • Avatar for akauser
    i love this song! [5] it'll be my gun.
  • Avatar for nicholanonsense
    look at the fucking english people being cooler than everyone else again!
  • Avatar for pamjm48
    dentro l'Alfa!!!! ahahaha sarebbe tostissima!!!
  • Avatar for NickGnd
    Dove saremmo senza i Blur???
  • Avatar for SplitAndDivide
    oh my god that bassline
  • Avatar for coquettish
    oh god damon, let me have your voice's children forever
  • Avatar for Lolis65
    I've spent too much time just listening to Graham's guitar that I forgot to pay attention to the bass line. It's SO fucking good., especially at the end.
  • Avatar for Strange_News
    Always looks like i'm listening this for the first time. Just fuckin incredible!
  • Avatar for anightbythesea
    best blur song together with coffee&tv.
  • Avatar for EnglandDreaming
    And when she lets me slip away....
  • Avatar for OscarTheGrouch1
    good song x
  • Avatar for lilywildchild
    Good old Blur x


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