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  • Avatar for Tron1276
    perma rad
  • Avatar for neodude991
    Songs like Beetlebum, Death of a party and Strange news from another star give me goosebumps. Great album! [2] All my fav' songs also.
  • Avatar for Henriquecsl
    Besides "Song 2", this album is not thaaat popular.
  • Avatar for Henriquecsl
    My fav album by Blur
  • Avatar for chuligan-z-lbc
    Songs like Beetlebum, Death of a party and Strange news from another star give me goosebumps. Great album!
  • Avatar for TamaTheOriginal
    My favorite Blur record, not only for Song 2, but also for that crunchy "Country Sad Ballad Man", the epic "On Your Own" which always makes me to sing on it, the sweet "You're So Great", and the others psychedelic influenced garage songs.
  • Avatar for Meloku666
    My first Blur album, "Song 2" my first Blur song.
  • Avatar for Offino
    1,000,000 listeners! - because of "Song 2"
  • Avatar for DefenceMan
    one of the best Blur album. :)
  • Avatar for renantim
    Songs 2 <3
  • Avatar for RentonRoots
    Drugs now...
  • Avatar for kopeildi
    1,000,000 listeners! :)
  • Avatar for Williamsst
    Pavement influence is noticeable in this album.
  • Avatar for lesypersound
    really, really great. really. one of my favorite albums.
  • Avatar for Homebody911
    Favourite album from them <3
  • Avatar for mormonscrobbler
    their best album
  • Avatar for AranRyan
    Death of a Party is music from another planet :)
  • Avatar for Mean-MrMustard
    Death Of A Party <3
  • Avatar for Miss-Kei
    @zulas18- Explain why "Song 2" is crap for kids? :/
  • Avatar for kinobiweb
    Happy Birthday !
  • Avatar for Clownboss
    This is their best. I can say this pretty confidently.
  • Avatar for zulas18
    i hate song 2 ... s**t for kids
  • Avatar for Andorinhamarela
    Blur is to Ok Computer what 13 is to Kid A imo
  • Avatar for Timppa2000
    @McSanto how can you compare Kid A to "Blur"? They're completely different kind of albums.
  • Avatar for Siouxsie21
    Amo oir todo este album entero es una joya damon en su maxima inspiracion
  • Avatar for McSantosch
    Without Song 2, this might have been recieved the same as Radioheads Kid A.
  • Avatar for sprky609
    New Pitbull/T-Pain Remix w/ Blur and 2NE1!
  • Avatar for maddog_goddam
    too much love for this album ♥
  • Avatar for krystufekrobin
    this is love
  • Avatar for alxexperience
    This is my favorite album by the band. Scratch that, this is one of my favorite albums, ever.
  • Avatar for Kubrick_91
    Absolute sad that it's reduced on Song 2... 5 Parklife and The Great Escape too.
  • Avatar for deviltohell
    Look Inside America ♥
  • Avatar for laisramos
    This is art. 2
  • Avatar for heroine-pretend
    I like Song 2, but I definitely don't think it should represent Blur's talent as a band. There are so many better songs on this album that are underlooked.
  • Avatar for feck111
    This is art.
  • Avatar for InfamousParker
    This album is amazing; my favorite songs are definitely Beetlebum and Song 2 from this ablum. Blur is an amazing artist, I can't decide if they are my favorite band or not. When I get my 16 GB iPod Nano, I'm going to have to decide which ablums of Blur on there...
  • Avatar for Roofu
    buen grupo jaja
  • Avatar for P_Machado
    "Song 2" e só.
  • Avatar for AndrewBrannan
    Underrated album, Excluding the extremely overplayed Song 2 of course.
  • Avatar for JsseN
    Song 2 <3 :)
  • Avatar for Smok_
    Woo Hoo!
  • Avatar for raysravens52
    I never give this album any credit because I think Song 2 is so overrated. Listening to it on its own merits makes me feel like a dumbass for thinking this.
  • Avatar for Lesbearto
    Blur's best album in my opinion.
  • Avatar for jb0nestra5hyf
    me concur, i absolutely, positively, wholeheartedly love blur. one of my favorite albums he(a)re
  • Avatar for DjPDP
    I just noticed how Kate Bush's Aerial cover looks very similar to this album.
  • Avatar for P_Machado
    Grande album.
  • Avatar for TeddlesThe1st
    Arrrgggggh I feel like im back at college
  • Avatar for bluejaydandy
  • Avatar for arenescu
    Oh people, Parklife is better.
  • Avatar for Jimmert
    this brings back a lot of memories.


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