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    Put The Devil off too long because I was worried about the dubstep elements of earlier stuff spoiling were they unfounded, this is AWESOME!
  • Avatar for Bikit13
    скатился совсем в роцк
  • Avatar for drizzelfm
    Demon was the best song choice you could have made to end the album ;b
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  • Avatar for imlost13
    @sancezz: Why you Trollin'?
  • Avatar for XenonPx
    Armageddon gg :D
  • Avatar for dynamiczna
    The Fall ...its a real musical poetry. Love this song.
  • Avatar for Aki_Amadare
    New album rocks! It rocks me, my roommates, neighbors... all home...
  • Avatar for xXDomXx
    yeah. finally a new album complete with lyrics.
  • Avatar for sancezz
    @A_Bergen : Why would you make a comment such as that unless you're looking to troll? The two artists are very different.
  • Avatar for A_Bergen
    better than Celldweller
  • Avatar for Boomjacklolz
    Под игруху пойдет..
  • Avatar for jasmine_farhani
    My best
  • Avatar for ApparentlyShane
    Bret is a brilliant guy and a brilliant musician. <3
  • Avatar for m3d1c4lm4ch1n4
    bae <3
  • Avatar for Blacknuz
    "Oh. My. Fucking. God." - My reaction.
  • Avatar for In_Flare
    Not Over Til We Say So - so fucking amazing!!! [1]
  • Avatar for DarkScimitar
    I'm actually more excited for "The Devil" than I am for Celldweller's new one right now. I haven't liked a few of those new ones, but Blue Stahli's new stuff released so far is universally fantastic.
  • Avatar for SoNDeaD
    Not Over Til We Say So - so fucking amazing!!!
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  • Avatar for menanggung
  • Avatar for menanggung
  • Avatar for rusverm Blue Stahli – ULTRAnumb крайне высоко оценена в критике рок песен, одна из лучших песен жанра!
  • Avatar for ForestBolt
    Вообще, я не являюсь большим любителем музыки подобного жанра, но этот исполнитель мне ну очень нравится.
  • Avatar for KZ-Jumper
    Ready, Aim... Fireeee!!!!!
  • Avatar for Mysiak15
    The Devil chapter 2 is avalible on spotify, he uploaded it!
  • Avatar for bob-z
    The Devil Chapter 02 is upon us... and it is truly out of this world!
  • Avatar for glhfsc2tv
    <3 that
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    I recommend avoiding Antisleep Vol. 3 if you don't like brostep...after hearing it pushed to the forefront, you'll hear those touches and little glitch parts throughout his discography post-Antisleep Vol. 01.
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    отличный саунд)
  • Avatar for VeRSuTA_
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    @inflikkt: "Stahli" is a last name. Go [url=]here[/url], scroll down and read the second-to-last bit of blue lettering.
  • Avatar for inflikkt
    wtf is a stahli anyway. lol... i only really get into burning bridges
  • Avatar for edikstepanov
    Отличная музыка!
  • Avatar for TheKeeper12
    Ждём дату релиза 2 главы =)))
  • Avatar for nyork_binox
    I don't like all of his music, but I do love his voice, and he's a pretty interesting guy.
  • Avatar for Meomancer
    Hello, DotaCinema fan here. [10]
  • Avatar for soursaurus
    Love the songs with Bret's vocals included in them. So whimsical. n~n
  • Avatar for Pineapple24
    Blue Stahli <3333333333
  • Avatar for TheDoctor7
    Loving the new shit.
  • Avatar for gothixl
    Down In Flames is f*cking insane <3
  • Avatar for bob-z
    Down In Flames is just ERMAHGERD!
  • Avatar for HW-DiEnd
  • Avatar for Mysiak15
    Down In Flames is great, not best, but one of them. Can't wait to hear whole album!
  • Avatar for In_Flare
    Hello, DotaCinema fan here. [9]
  • Avatar for arthursrfp
    Hello, DotaCinema fan here. [7]
  • Avatar for KeraRus
    офигенно попёрли!))


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