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  • Avatar for ATLiens1
    Joe Metro. Easily one of the best things to come out of the underground.
  • Avatar for mronnlund
  • Avatar for doki-doki-doki-
  • Avatar for battleaxed
    I still got love for you, Baby
  • Avatar for sickheadache
    such awesome tunes.
  • Avatar for Advanced122
    Another album soon please.
  • Avatar for crazychrisr92
    Life & Debt <333
  • Avatar for TheAbbott
    It's absolutely ridiculous the top 15 not to include Burnt Offering.
  • Avatar for Rattalinho
    That's it. I'm moving to Seattle. They get all the good hip-hop acts.[4]
  • Avatar for ByloBoy
    That's it. I'm moving to Seattle. They get all the good hip-hop acts. [3]
  • Avatar for EpidemiKKK
    That's it. I'm moving to Seattle. They get all the good hip-hop acts. [2]
  • Avatar for zeryen
  • Avatar for IDoCoolShit
    god, loved pro brown's work w/ bambu
  • Avatar for Acidsek
    That's it. I'm moving to Seattle. They get all the good hip-hop acts.
  • Avatar for EpidemiKKK
    God I would kill to see these guys live. Come to Canada!
  • Avatar for crimsonsamura1
    <3 Morning of America
  • Avatar for Primalenlol
    Seattle's finest!
  • Avatar for heavydiscipline
    South Park represent. Miss the home away from home.
  • Avatar for BoSpOrTsFaN
  • Avatar for Endostar
    Loyalty ♥♥♥
  • Avatar for BiOHAZ92
    may day is dope nice work
  • Avatar for EpidemiKKK
    Holy fuck Lumiere is beautiful. Probably going to be one of my new favorite duo's.
  • Avatar for D-ERAONDEMAND
  • Avatar for allancoote
    Ayo guys gonna make a plug sorry, my brother, The Renwig Customer has just released a really fucking cool free to download instrumental hip-hop/ambient/trip-hop EP ya'all should check it out, cheers guys
  • Avatar for D-Fyz
    can't stop to listening the cinemetropolis.. juat amazing)
  • Avatar for jessem131
    I couldn't stand Cinemetropolis at first but it just keeps growing. Still not my favorite but I thought it was bad at first. Nowhere close to bad now.
  • Avatar for JK89
    kurzes deutsches review von "cinemetropolis" gibts hier:
  • Avatar for HugePackage
    More needed now then ever.
  • Avatar for Struikelblok
    Good Music
  • Avatar for danielbza
    Very Nice.
  • Avatar for niqpwnz
  • Avatar for Robishx
    I really miss their style before OOF!
  • Avatar for tamatamaload
    I think about them..  Elation!..
  • Avatar for the_red_shoes
    'marion sunshine is pure ecstasy ' it's pure awesome yeah.
  • Avatar for DesatRubley
    Sagaba Remix приятная песня
  • Avatar for TPaternite
    Anyone hear Sabzi's work on Made In Heights? I swear someday this guy will be huge.
  • Avatar for un-Futura
    I got to kick it with the guys in Toronto and honestly, I must say they are the nicest artists I've met and chilled with. If you see Sabzi walking down the street and you walk up to him, the first thing he would ask is you name and he will introduce himself as Saba not Sabzi. It's the little things. Look our for an interview with them on
  • Avatar for GooDAnDReaDY
    Отлично, например.
  • Avatar for tyrealg
    I slept on them.
  • Avatar for alicen1daland
    Their show last night in NY was crazy!!! def one of the best hip-hop acts i've seen live
  • Avatar for SimonePerrota
    They really raised their game with Cinemetropolis
  • Avatar for srynne13
    marion sunshine is pure ecstasy
  • Avatar for I_am_Curran
    Cinemetropolis is such a solid album.
  • Avatar for kennyken07
    Rani Mukerji is probably one of the tracks on the new album that really grew on me. I love it.
  • Avatar for Relentless_Rage
    They were fantastic live last night in LA. Great energy from both Geo & Sabzi. To top it all off, Macklemore made a guest appearance for his verse on Tommy Chong. I agree that I was initially turned off by Cinematropolis, but it has grown on me with each listen. It's really good live as well.
  • Avatar for TPaternite
    I agree with everyone in that I wasn't crazy about the new album at first, but it did get better with each listen. Now I can't stop listening to it!!! I love albums that grow on you like that.
  • Avatar for yaboilarry69
    they rocked the show last night at slims in SF!
  • Avatar for rockeeet
    yeah, so good!
  • Avatar for l_timmy
    MArion Sunshine <3
  • Avatar for dahby
    If you don't like Cinemetropolis, DON'T LISTEN TO IT! Just because artists go in different directions DOES NOT mean "they are not your friends" or "this is the end of Blue Scholars". Seriously, grow up people. Geo is still one of the most prolific MCs in all of hip-hop and Sabzi keeps expanding his repertoire with every album. I'll be seeing them live @ The Showbox tonight and I cannot wait to hear all the new stuff performed live.


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